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Real Name

Skyblaze is a new member of the Nerd To The Third Power podcast on She will be covering the comings and goings of various Conventions and Fairs.

A fan of TGWTG since discovering the site via TV Tropes, when hearing of the Nerd to the 3rd Power contest, she quickly wrote up a script and recorded it. On 15th September 2010 Skyblaze was announced winner of the Nerd to the 3rd competition. The look on her face was said to be priceless.

About Skyblaze

She has been hiding about the internet, under a series of usernames (including a few on the TGWTG forums). But the name Skyblaze is the one she uses most; it’s a name she took from a character she played many years ago on a roleplay message board.

To aid her in her quest to search out strange new cons and new fairs of the nations, is her 10+ years of conventioneering starting from Nexus in1999 all the way up to Auto Assembly of 2010.

Skyblaze Trivia

  • A video gamer, she still possesses a Mega Drive and Dreamcast
  • Has been known to cosplay at some conventions. There are allegedly photos to prove it
  • When provoked, will occasionally GM role-playing games
  • Has a strong interest in swords and fencing, owning a collection of at least ten blades


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