Specials have long been a part of's history. The whole site has taken part of these videos which set themselves apart from the usual shows they produce for Channel Awesome. Some of the specials are videos that were once exclusive to the Premium Area section of the site.

Episode Number Name Description Date Released
1 Welcome to the site! ThatGuyWithTheGlasses welcomes us to April 20th, 2008
2 Trailer A special trailer for the site showing clips from The Bjork Show, The Nostalgia Critic, 5 Second Movies and other Sketches. April 21st, 2008
3 Super Secret Video Doug informed everyone of a super secret video. It was later found out to be a rickroll. May 7th, 2008
4 Premium Membership Content Preview Mike Michaud presents a preview of what could be found in the Premium Area of the site. In this case, it's an outtake of the Nostalgia Critic episode "The Top 11 Catchiest Theme Songs". June 10th, 2008
5 Premium Membership Content Preview #2 This video was another Premium area exclusive. This time, it was the video commentary of "How I Quit My Job". June 13th, 2008
6 Duck Dodgers A bonus "5 Second Movie" starring Duck Dodgers. June 14th, 2008
7 Few Good Liar Liars A bonus "5 Second Movie" combining "A Few Good Men" with "Liar Liar". June 14th, 2008
8 Premium Content Preview #3 A preview of the "Off to Beat The Nerd", which at that point was in the Premiums section. July 4th, 2008
9 TGWTG Users in 5 Seconds Contest A contest to get the users of the site involved in a five second movie was created. The best videos were to be put in a special 5 second movie. September 17th, 2008
10 TGWTG Users in 5 Seconds The results of the contest, which stars many of the contributors of the site. Many wiki team members also made the cut in the final video including: Daffy, Scottish Insomnia, Film Brain and Punky. October 13th, 2008
11 Premium Content Preview #4 Another Premium section trailer. This one shows bits of the "Making of the final battle" video. October 19th, 2008
12 Lion King Rifftrax Doug does a trailer for " Rifftrax he later won. He teamed up with The Other Guy and The Last Angry Geek to create a rifftrax. November 23rd, 2008
13 PBS Make 'Em Laugh Commercial The commercial Doug made while he and Michaud went to Washington DC. It aired on PBS and during "Saturday Night Live" as well. Doug imitated various comedians for the documentary about a century of comedy. December 20th, 2008
14 Happy Holidays 2008 The team wishes everyone a happy holiday in the site's first Christmas video. Happy Holidays from:

December 24th, 2008
15 Goodbye Suede! The team bids farewell to Suede as he embarked on a two year mission for his church. The goodbyes were from:

January 19th, 2009
16 Did Obama's Inauguration Go Too Far? Video Doug created to parody the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States. In the video, he included moments of celebration from various movies. January 22nd, 2009
17 Bum Fun Charity Sketch Originally intended to be part of the February donation drive, Film Brain presented a special commercial. February 14th, 2009
18 Benzaie vs AngryJoe Dance Off Part of the February donation dtive. AngryJoe and Benzaie have a dance off to see who is the better dancer. February 17th, 2009
19 Short Film Students Benzaie's student produced film. Also part of the donation drive. February 18th, 2009
20 Lost in DC: PBS Commercial Documentary This was part of the Premiums Area and aired for the first time during the donation drive. In it, Doug documented his trip to DC. Aired February 12, 2009 as part of the donation drive; posted February 18, 2009.
21 Rifftrax Competition After creating Rifftrax, Doug and co entered a contest to see if they'd win the Rifftrax competition. February 23rd, 2009
22 Geek Fight Promo Video A commercial promoting the Geek Fight cards starring the Critic and Bhargav. March 19th, 2009
23 Benzaie vs Handsome Tom Promo Video A video promoting Benzaie and Handsome Tom's brawl in "Street Fighter 4" after Benzaie challenged him in an episode of Hardcorner. March 22nd, 2009
24 Benzaie vs Handsome Tom The video showcased the epic battle between Tom and Ben in . March 24th, 2009
25 Happy 1st Birthday to Us! Doug, Mike, Mike, Rob and Bhargav celebrate's first anniversary. Doug almost spoils the surprise! April 20th, 2009
26 1 Year Anniversary Trailer Doug presents a trailer for the Year One event. April 29th, 2009
27 Making of the TGWTG Brawl The making of the brawl. May 17th, 2009
28 TGWTG Team Brawl Bloopers Bloopers from the brawl! May 23rd, 2009
29 Specials: Auction Time! Doug auctions off drawings from Video Game Confessions and Bebe's Kids review, the Teddy Ruxpins and Grubby from the Critic's Halloween special, DVDs he reviewed as the Nostalgia Critic, an autographed PS1 and an autographed copy of Shaq Fu. June 5th, 2009
30 Specials: Trip to the Family Matters House While in Chicago, Doug and the crew visited the house which was reported to be the exterior shots of the "Family Matters" houses for the Winslows and the Urkels. June 11th, 2009
31 Specials: A Trip to High Voltage Doug, Bhargav Dronamraju and Mike Ellis were invited to High Voltage to test "The Conduit" for the and check out the place. July 5th, 2009
32 The Inebriati: Episode 1 This is episode one of a new show for the Barfiesta channel. In this episode, Rob Walker begins his search for an elite beer tasting force. This is pretty much the trailer for Barfiesta. July 17th, 2009
33 Rifftrax: Batman Forever A special trailer for the Batman Forever rifftrax Doug and co made. August 3rd, 2009
34 NC: Captain Planet Bloopers Formally from the Premium area, this special contains bloopers and outtakes from the Captain Planet review. August 11th, 2009
35 Doug's Top 20 Favorite Movies: Part 1 You’ve seen him rip movies to shreds. Now find out what movies Doug actually likes.

  • 20. Titus (1999)
  • 19. Hamlet (1996)
  • 18. Patton (1970)
  • 17. Ed Wood (1994)
  • 16. Fantasia (1940)
  • 15. The Secret Of NIMH (1982)
  • 14. Sideways (2004)
  • 13. Spirited Away (2001)
  • 12. A Clockwork Orange (1971)
  • 11. Fearless (1993)
September 17th, 2009
36 Doug's Top 20 Favorite Movies: Part 2 You’ve seen him rip movies to shreds. Now find out what movies Doug actually likes.

  • 10. Citizen Kane (1941)
  • 9. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
  • 8. The Dark Knight (2008)
  • 7. Good Night, and Good Luck (2005)
  • 6. Lost in Translation (2003)
  • 5. Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
  • 4. Batman (1989)
  • 3. To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)
  • 2. Amadeus (1984)
  • 1. Brazil (1985)
September 17th, 2009
37 Flashback Episode 1 Doug takes us back to his high school days with this project he made way back when. This one was about him as a cowboy. October 15th, 2009
38 Flashback! Episode 02 Doug plays The Grim Reaper in a documentary. October 23rd, 2009
39 Flashback! Episode 03 Doug plays a man who's haunted by the spirit of a little boy. October 29th, 2009
40 Flashback! Episode 04 Doug plays a troubled artist trying to enter a contest. November 4th, 2009
41 Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog commentary A commentary that was once in the Premium section. This video is a commentary on the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog NC episode. November 11th, 2009
42 Holiday Clusterf**k The Nostalgia Critic and Victoria Turner sing about the holiday season! November 20th, 2009
43-47 TGWTG Charity Drive 2009 Parts 1-5 The Channel Awesome team put on a donation drive for the Ronald McDonald House charity. The drive was split into five parts and you can also read what happened here: Drive Report 2. December 5th-6th, 2009
48 Spooning With Spoony 2 Bloopers Doug and co share the bloopers from the Spooning With Spoony 2 skit. Decemmber 17th, 2009
49 The Charity You Made Possible! Doug and co give the check to the Ronald McDonald House Charity and thank the fans! December 23rd, 2009
50 That Guy With The Glasses Christmas Special The gang sends their Christmas wishes! Seasons greetings from:

December 24th, 2009
51 Christmas Day Doug and Rob go under the Christmas tree at the Walker house! December 24th, 2009
52 Star Wars Holiday Special Commentary Doug and Rob talk about the making of the Star Wars Holiday special NC episode. December 30th, 2009
53 Superman IV Commentary Doug talks about the making of the Superman IV NC episode. December 30th, 2009
54 Doug's Top 10 Favorite Comedies: Part 1 Doug's favorite comedies are outlined! Are yours in there, too?

  • 10. Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993)
  • 9. Rat Race (The Middle Act) (2001)
  • 8. Monty Python's Life Of Brian (1979)
  • 7. The Blues Brothers (1980)
  • 6. Shrek 2 (2004)
January 13th, 2010
55 Doug's Top 10 Favorite Comedies: Part 2 Part 2 of Doug's favorite comedies!

  • 5. Ghostbusters (1984)
  • 4. Spaceballs (1987)
  • 3. What's Up Doc? (1972
  • 2. The Great Race (1965)
  • 1. Hot Fuzz (2007)
January 14th, 2010
56 NC Moonwalker Commentary Doug and Rob comment on the Moonwalker review! February 1st, 2010
57 Hitler Spoof Doug takes a Hitler scene from Downfall and adds his own subtitles as Hitler has some issues with one Nostalgia Critic. February 3rd, 2010
58 NC Specials: Reverend Nutt Job Doug at the U-Con at UCONN convention! February 9th, 2010
59 NC Commentary: Battlefield Earth Doug talks about the making of the 100th episode of the Nostalgia Critic! March 5th, 2010
60 NC Commentary Cartoon All-Stars Commenting on the first official episode of the Nostalgia Critic! April 3rd, 2010
61 NC Commentary: Quest for Camelot Doug and Rob discuss the review! April 9th, 2010
62 NC Commentary: Captain N What went into the making of the Captain N review? May 1st, 2010
63 NC Commentary: Garbage Pail Kids Why is this the worst movie Doug has ever reviewed? Watch and find out! May 7th, 2010
64 Kickassia Bloopers Parts 1 and 2 Bloopers for the Year Two event! May 22nd, 2010
65 Kickassia Bloopers Parts 3 and 4 More bloopers from the motion picture event of the year! May 28th, 2010
66 Kickassia Bloopers Parts 5 and 6 The finale to the blooper reel! May 29th, 2010
67 Spoony & Lordkat: Outtakes, Bloopers, and Unused Footage Spoony and Jason's outakes! June 27th, 2010
68 Flashback Episode 5 Doug's bizarre student film! August 12th, 2010
69 NC commentary Animaniacs Tribute What went into making this HISTORIC tribute to Animaniacs? September 2nd, 2010
70 NC Commentary: Care Bears What went into making the Care Bears movie review? September 4th, 2010
71 Mozart's Balls and Schwarzenegger Museums: Doug in Austria Doug recounts his trip to Austria! September 17th, 2010
72 Coffee with Bargo Bhargav recounts his penguin dream last discussed on the 49th edition of Transmission Awesome! September 23rd, 2010
73 Next Con Appearances for Doug Where's Doug going to be next? Find out! October 2nd, 2010
74 Coffee with Bargo: Alice in Wonderland...sort of More Bhargav craziness! October 10th, 2010
75 Blistered Thumbs Announcement! It's coming! Blistered Thumbs is coming in October! Are you ready for the first branch of Channel Awesome? ARE YOU?! October 15th, 2010
76 Kickassia the DVD! Get the scoop on the Kickassia DVD! October 17th, 2010
77 Blistered Thumbs Open Discussion! Angry Joe opens up a discussion on what Blistered Thumbs will have and asks fans for suggestions. October 17th, 2010
78 Blistered Thumbs Recruitment! Apply Now! Joe explains what Blistered Thumbs is looking for. October 29th, 2010
79 NC Commentary: Leprechaun, with the Cinema Snob Liked the Leprechaun NC? Want to know how it was made? Well, give it a listen! October 31st, 2010
80 Blistered Thumbs Launched! The first CA site launched! WOOT! November 6th, 2010
81 Charity Drive Sum-Up The final tally of the 2010 donation drive! December 9th, 2010
82 Coffee with Bhargo: Alice's SEXUAL Adventures in Wonderland Oh Bhargo... Haha December 23rd, 2010
83 Coffee with Bhargo: The Penguin Story Part 3 You've heard the first two parts, now it's time to see how Bargo interacts with SOCK PUPPETS! December 25th, 2010
84 Nostalgia Christmas Bloopers See all the slip ups and blunders that went into making the Nostalgia Critic Christmas! December 26th, 2010
85 Charity Drive 2010 - Thank You from Channel Awesome! You guys helped raise an amazing amount for the Ronald McDonald House Charity. See the wonderful work you guys did over our record breaking Charity Drive! December 29th, 2010
86 Doug's Best and Worst Movies of 2010 Doug talks about his favorite and least favorite films of the year.

December 31st, 2010
87 Bargo PSA - You Don't Read Apparently you don't read so Bargo will teach you, or will he... January 1st, 2011
88 Nostalgia Critic Christmas Commentary Just who was that Orlando guy, anyway? January 2nd, 2011
89 Nostalgia Critic: IT Commentary Do Doug and Rob really hate Stephen King? January 7th, 2011
90 Doug Wins Entrepreneur of the Year! See the acceptance speech of the interesting yet odd Mashable Awards of which Doug won Entrepreneur of the Year! January 9th, 2011
91 Doug's Next Cons It's that time of year again! Doug talks about some of the cons he will be attending in the near future. January 13th, 2011
92 Nostalgia Critic: Neverending Story 3 Commentary Doug and Rob ask the question, was the movie really as bad as everyone thought it was? Yes...yes it was. January 23rd, 2011
93 Nostalgia Critic: Secret of NIMH 2 Commentary See the worst, well, second worst sequel of sequel month talked about by Rob and Doug. January 27th, 2011
94 Doug's Top 10 Movies He Hates But Everyone Else Loves Everyone has their own opinion, isn't reassuring to know that yours is wrong and mine is right?

February 6th, 2011
95 Doug's Top 10 Movies He Likes But Everybody Else Hates You've grown to hate em, so why does Doug like em. See which films you agree with him on and which ones you want to strangle him for.

February 13th, 2011
96 Doug Walker's Top 15 Comedic Influences - PLUS: Next Con Appearances We learn the answers to two questions today: What are Doug's funiest influences and where are his next cons? JOY!

  • 15. Robin Williams
  • 14. Dave Chappelle
  • 13. Animaniacs
  • 12. Bill Murray
  • 11. Rowan Atkinson
  • 10. The Daily Show & The Colbert Report
  • 9. Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker
  • 8. South Park
  • 7. Mel Brooks
  • 6. Goofy & Tom and Jerry
  • 5. Lewis Black
  • 4. Monty Python
  • 3. The Simpsons
  • 2. Mystery Science Theater 3000
  • 1. Daffy Duck
March 20th, 2011
97 TGWTG Vol. 2 DVD The wait is over! See some of your old favorites videos as well as ALL NEW MATERIAL! March 31st, 2011
98 Monkey Death Ray Episode 1 Prepare to get blowed up! Waaaay April 3rd, 2011
99 Doug's Top 10 WORST Cliches Everyone has those clichés that drives you CRAZY! Here's Doug's....

  • 10. Calling Women Girls
  • 9. The Shakey Cam
  • 8. Sucky Credits
  • 7. Relying too much on CGI
  • 6. Overusing the Wide Angle Lens
  • 5. The Poetic Singer
  • 4. The Whimsical, Innocent, Rebellious, Poet
  • 3. The Misunderstanding
  • 2. The Liar Revealed
  • 1. The Bully
April 7th, 2011
100 3rd Year Anniversary Update Find out what's going on with the much awaited third year anniversary of April 28th, 2011
101 NC Ferngully Commentary See Doug's and Lindsay's thoughts on their first crossover together, Fern Gully! June 21st, 2011
102 Doug and Spoony in Austria! As well as other con appearances! August 4th, 2011
103 Suburban Knights DVD Now for Sale! With tons of extra features, BEE-ATCH! September 1st, 2011
104 Doug, Spoony, Benzaie and SadPanda Try PUSSY You read that right, see one of our most annoyingly immature videos. September 8th, 2011
105 The Most Useless Game in the World And you thought Angry Birds was a waste of time? See what Doug, Spoony, Benzaie, SadPanda, and Welshy discover as a totally pointless but totally AWESOME bar game! September 18th, 2011
106 AVGN Movie Auditions Here's your chance to be in James Rolfe's new movie! Find out how! September 25th, 2011
107 Doug's Top 20 Favorite TV Shows Betcha won't figure out number 1!

  • 20. Fawlty Towers
  • 19. Seinfeld
  • 18. Louie
  • 17. The Twilight Zone
  • 16. Monty Python's Flying Circus
  • 15. Peter Pan & the Pirates
  • 14. In Living Color!
  • 13. 3rd Rock from the Sun
  • 12. Malcolm in the Middle
  • 11. Animaniacs
  • 10. The Simpsons
  • 9. South Park
  • 8. Black Books
  • 7. Roseanne
  • 6. Black Adder
  • 5. Cowboy Bebop & Wolf's Rain
  • 4. Batman: The Animated Series
  • 3. Red Dwarf
  • 2. Home Movies
  • 1. Daria
October 2nd, 2011
108 AVGN Movie Casting Call See who turned out for the casting call, as well as Rob do his best William Shatner! October 27th, 2011
109 NC & Lupa Commentary (Simon Sez) Why ARE Dennis Rodman and Dane Cook together? October 30th, 2011
110 Dungeons and Dragons Commentary Just how long CAN Doug do a Jeremy Irons impression? November 13th, 2011
111 Doug Does Improv See Doug improvise a few skits at Shadocon with a group called Anirage. November 17th, 2011
112 Doug Improvises with Voice Actors (Non-Adult Show) The new voice of Tigra and the new voice of Superman laugh it up with Doug in a Non-Adult improv show. November 24th, 2011
113 Doug Improvs with Voice Actors (Adult Show) You saw the Non-Adult version, now see them uncensored! December 1st, 2011
114 NC Moulin Rouge Bloopers See Doug, Brent, and Lindsay crack up in their musical review! December 4th, 2011
115 TGWTG Charity Auction Doug is selling a few things for charity. Check them out and bid! December 8th, 2011
116 Nostalgia Critic Commentary: Moulin Rouge Doug, Brent, and Lindsay talk about their first musical review! December 13th, 2011
117 NC LP Bart's Nightmare Commentary Now what the Hell could he POSSIBLY have to say about this? December 19th, 2011
118 Channel Awesome Holiday Video Over 20 Channel Awesome Producers send their holiday greetings! December 23rd, 2011
119 Cons, Reschedules & Other Announcements See what the new schedule is for videos as well as what's been delaying everything. December 29th, 2011
120 Doug's January Update Doug lets you know the latest with the January videos. January 16th, 2012
121 TGWTG CD Now for Sale! Hey, EgoRaptor likes it! January 28th, 2012
122 Suburban Knights: The Absentee Commentary Last summer, the world was given a silly little gem of a film called Suburban Knights. At last we have a commentary on it - made up entirely of people who weren't there, as far as I can remember. January 28th, 2012
123 Dishy Pasta Bra? What ARE they singing in the new Dark Knight Rises trailer? February 19th, 2012
124 TGWTG Vol 3 DVD Doug's gone MAD for the all new material! February 23rd, 2012
125 Why TMNT SHOULD Be Aliens Just hear me out... March 22nd, 2012
126 The Next Cons Doug Will Be At You be there too, dammit! March 29th, 2012
127 NC Commentary: The Grinch & Premium Access Sorry, no new NC this week, but here's the grinchiest of all commentaries. April 3rd, 2012
128 Cons and My Funny Brony Story The next few cons I'll (Doug) be at as well as a funny story about the My Little Pony fanbase. August 11th, 2012
129 Preorder To Boldly Flee DVD Liking To Boldly Flee? You can be one of the first to own it! September 8th, 2012
130 No More Nostalgia Critic? What does the future hold for Channel Awesome and September 14th, 2012
131 Doug's Cons and Auctions See what items are on sale and which cons Doug will be showing up at next. September 29th, 2012
132 Casting Call for CA See if you can be Channel Awesome's up coming shows, including the much anticipated Demo Reel. October 3rd, 2012
133 Meet Doug & Help Keep the Internet Awesome Join others in promoting the impact the internet has had, and maybe meet Doug as well. October 5th, 2012
134 Premium Section Open! Now you can see Premium Content again! YAAAAAAAY! October 24th, 2012
135 Fanatix - Indy Scream Park Welcome to Fanatix, a show that showcases fans of all types. On today's episode we showcase a fan who's love of horror lead him to openining his own house of terror. (Possible new show premiere) October 31st, 2012
136 The 2012 Channel Awesome Holiday Video Team Awesome (Well, a decent chunk of Team Awesome) Stop by to wish you guys a happy holidays! December 25th, 2012
137 Doug's Top 10 Hottest Animated Women You know NC's choices, but what about Doug's? January 29th, 2013
138 Doug's Next Cons Fewer cons I'm going to this year, so see which ones you can see me at. February 14th, 2013
139 Doug's Top 10 Favorite Characters (#10) Through the rest of April, Doug looks at the characters he admires the most.

10. Edward from Cowboy Bebop

April 14th, 2013
140 Doug's Top 10 Favorite Characters (#9) Who is Doug's #9 choice?

9. Doc Holliday from Tombstone

April 15th, 2013
141 Doug's Top 10 Favorite Characters (#8) Who is Doug's #8 choice?

8. Tie between Miles and Jack from Sideways

April 17th, 2013
142 Doug's Top 10 Favorite Characters (#7) Who is Doug's #7 choice?

7. Jane from Daria

April 19th, 2013
143 Doug's Top 10 Favorite Characters (#6) Who is Doug's #6 choice?

6. Marv from Sin City

April 21st, 2013
144 Doug's Top 10 Favorite Characters (#5) Who is Doug's #5 choice?

5. Tyrion from Game of Thrones

April 22nd, 2013
145 Doug's Top 10 Favorite Characters (#4) Who is Doug's #4 choice?

4. Ed Wood from Ed Wood

April 24th, 2013
146 Doug's Top 10 Favorite Characters (#3) Who is Doug's #3 choice?

3. Mrs. Brisby from The Secret of NIMH

April 26th, 2013
147 Doug's Top 10 Favorite Characters (#2) Gee, I wonder who it could be...

2. Batman, specifically from "Batman" and Batman: The Animated Series

April 28th, 2013
148 Doug's Top 10 Favorite Characters (#1) Who is Doug Walker's top pick...or...picks?

1. Tie between Atticus Finch and Marge from To Kill a Mockingbird and Fargo

April 29th, 2013
149 The Last Airbender Vlogs Join the fun as we go through every single episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender June 1st, 2013
150 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Boy in the Iceberg What does Doug think of the first episode of Avatar? June 2nd, 2013
151 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Avatar Returns What does Doug think of episode 2 of Avatar? June 3rd, 2013
152 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Southern Air Temple That Temple is AWESOME! June 5th, 2013
153 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Warriors of Kyoshi Fight like a girl, dammit! June 6th, 2013
154 The Last Airbender Vlogs - King of Omashu This was...weird. June 7th, 2013
155 Doug Reacts to Game of Thrones: "Red Wedding" SPOILERS! June 8th, 2013
156 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Imprisoned Finally, a title I can pronounce. June 8th, 2013
157 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Winter Solstice 1 & 2 Two episodes in a row, baby! June 9th, 2013
158 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Waterbending Scroll So THAT'S where the Lotus Tile was... June 10th, 2013
159 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Jet When you're named Jet you're a Jet all the way... June 11th, 2013
160 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Great Divide All it divided was common from sense! June 12th, 2013
161 Cons Doug is Going To Some GREAT cons coming up! Don't miss them! June 13th, 2013
162 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Storm Note to self, it sucks to be a prince or an avatar. June 13th, 2013
163 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Blue Spirit You won't believe who I thought the Blue Spirit was... June 14th, 2013
164 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Fortuneteller What does the future hold? June 15th, 2013
165 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Bato of the Water Tribe WHAT? An episode Doug didn't like June 16th, 2013
166 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Deserter When you play with fire... June 20th, 2013
167 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Northern Air Temple Tradition vs. Evolution. WHO WILL WIN???? June 21st, 2013
168 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Waterbending Master FINALLY! THE NORTH F$%@ING POLE! June 22nd, 2013
169 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Siege of the North Time is falling apart and it's up to us to collect all the pieces and put it back together! June 23rd, 2013
170 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Avatar State Oh hi Azula... June 24th, 2013
171 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Cave of Two Lovers Aang and Katara, sitting in a cave, K-I-S-S-I-N...cave. June 26th, 2013
172 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Return to Omashu Uh-oh, Azula's got a posse... June 27th, 2013
173 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Swamp Avatar has rednecks? June 28th, 2013
174 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Avatar Day A day to...rejoice? June 29th, 2013
175 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Blind Bandit Oh hi Toph. June 30th, 2013
176 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Zuko Alone Can't this kid ever catch a break? July 1st, 2013
177 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Chase Stop arguing and RUN, IDIOTS! July 2nd, 2013
178 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Bitter Work Today, Yoda will be played by a strong, tiny, angry little blind girl. July 3rd, 2013
179 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Library God that owl is scary! July 4th, 2013
180 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Desert Get used to hearing this word: APPAAAAAAAA! July 6th, 2013
181 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Serpent's Pass Goooooood snake... July 7th, 2013
182 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Drill IT'S TOOL TIME! July 8th, 2013
183 The Last Airbender Vlogs - City of Walls and Secrets Due to a power outage, the new NC will be posted this Thursday. Until then, may this scary woman named Joo Dee haunt your nightmares. July 9th, 2013
184 Dragonbored - CA 5th Year Trailer What happens when a video game character takes over YOUR life? July 10th, 2013
185 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Tales of Ba Sing Se Rob joins the review on this tear jerker. July 10th, 2013
186 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Appa's Lost Days AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! July 11th, 2013
187 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Lake Laogai Don't drink the water! July 13th, 2013
188 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Earth King Wake up, guy! July 14th, 2013
189 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Guru This one made Doug cry? July 15th, 2013
190 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Crossroads of Destiny Join the Fire Nation...we have cookies! July 16th, 2013
191 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Awakening I had a terrible dream I was on a Fire Nation ship...WAAAAAAAAH? July 17th, 2013
192 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Headband So the Fire Nation never saw Footloose? July 18th, 2013
193 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Painted Lady Environment = Good! July 19th, 2013
194 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Sokka's Master T-1000 is your master now! July 20th, 2013
195 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Beach Every anime has a beach episode. July 21st, 2013
196 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Avatar and the Firelord Once upon a time... July 22nd, 2013
197 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Runaway Silly adults, scams are for kids! July 24th, 2013
198 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Puppetmaster B-B-B-B-Blood bending? July 25th, 2013
199 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Nightmares and Daydreams I've had dreams like this...after smoking a GOAT! July 26th, 2013
200 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Day of Black Sun 1 & 2 We got July 27th, 2013
201 ConBravo Invid Contest Winners These videos were voted as the winners of the ConBravo Invid Competition in part by Rob Walker and Holly Christine Brown. July 28th, 2013
202 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Western Air Temple Kill me once, shame on you, kill me twice and you're DEAD! July 28th, 2013
203 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Fire Bending Masters I sense a Double Dragon joke. July 29th, 2013
204 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Boiling Rock 1 & 2 Welcome to the Rock! July 31th, 2013
205 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Southern Raiders Payback time! August 1st, 2013
206 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Ember Island Players Shakespeare this ain't. August 2nd, 2013
207 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Phoenix King We're down to the final four people! August 3rd, 2013
208 The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Old Masters 100 is the new 20! August 4th, 2013
209 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Into the Inferno FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! August 7th, 2013
210 The Last Airbender Vlogs - Avatar Aang Thoughts on the final episode plus an overall sum up of the show. August 8th, 2013
211 Cons and Korra Doug gives the latest news about cons he's going to as well as Legend of Korra Vlogs. August 10th, 2013
212 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Welcome to Republic City It begins! August 14th, 2013
213 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - A Leaf in the Wind Leaves are tough little bastards. August 16th, 2013
214 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - The Revelation Amon....oh man. August 17th, 2013
215 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - The Voice in the Night Shit's gettin' real. August 18th, 2013
216 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Spirit of Competition Three's a crowd...or FOUR! August 19th, 2013
217 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - And the Winner Is... The answer may "shock" you. August 21st, 2013
218 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - The Aftermath The aftermath of WHAT? DO SOMETHING! August 22nd, 2013
219 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - When Extremes Meet Now THAT'S more like it! August 23rd, 2013
220 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Out of the Past Look it's Aang, all growed up! August 26th, 2013
221 CA Indiegogo Last Days Our indiegogo campaign will end on August 28th at 11:59 PM PST - Can we reach our stretch goals of $75,000 or even the $100,000 goal, which will open up our studio when completed to others in the Chicago area? August 27th, 2013
222 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Turning the Tides Shit's going down! August 28th, 2013
223 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Skeletons in the Closet What a twist! August 29th, 2013
224 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Endgame Are you a good ending or a bad ending? August 31st, 2013
225 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Rebel Spirit and Southern Lights Korra has returned and so have the Vlogs! See what Doug and Rob think of Book 2! September 18th, 2013
226 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Civil War, Part 1 Wake up and smell the obvious bad guy! September 21st, 2013
227 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Civil War, Part 2 I smell wedding bells...followed by a very broken heart. September 30th, 2013
228 Adventure Time Vlogs That's right, by popular demand, Doug brings you the Adventure Time Vlogs! October 3rd, 2013
229 Adventure Time Vlogs - Slumber Party Panic What..........the...........Hell? October 4th, 2013
230 Adventure Time Vlogs - Trouble in Lumpy Space Oh...NOW it all makes sense. October 5th, 2013
231 Adventure Time Vlogs - Prisoners of Love Will Brad Jones be able to help solve this strangeness? October 6th, 2013
232 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Peace Keepers Well, better a week late than never. October 11th, 2013
233 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - The Sting Verick! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! October 13th, 2013
234 Adventure Time Vlogs - Tree Trunks Come grab your friends...I know I did! October 14th, 2013
235 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Enchiridion The book was never meant for the world of the living! October 16th, 2013
236 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Jiggler It's not as dirty as it sounds. October 17th, 2013
237 Adventure Time Vlogs - Ricardio the Heart Guy How is it George Takei keeps making his way into my show vlogs? October 18th, 2013
238 Adventure Time Vlogs - Business Time Will the NOSTALGIA CRITIC fall victim to Adventure Time's randomness? Kind of... October 20th, 2013
239 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Beginnings 1 & 2 A very good place to start. October 21st, 2013
240 Adventure Time Vlogs - My Two Favorite People You will believe a unicorn can speak Korean! October 23rd, 2013
241 Adventure Time Vlogs - Memories of Boom Boom Mountain My co-host is looking a little more feminine than usual... October 24th, 2013
242 Adventure Time Vlogs - Wizard There's no Power Glove, but it's just as strange October 25th, 2013
243 Adventure Time Vlogs - Evicted Vampire Queens ahead! October 26th, 2013
244 Adventure Time Vlogs - City of Thieves Come on grab your friends...or my case the entire family! October 27th, 2013
245 Adventure Time Vlogs - Witch's Garden What DID ever happen to that bagel with legs? October 28th, 2013
246 Adventure Time Vlogs - What is Life? You will believe a microwave can cry! October 30th, 2013
247 Adventure Time Vlogs - Ocean of Fear Boy, people really opened up on this one. When did the living room couch turn into the therapy couch? October 31st, 2013
248 Adventure Time Vlogs - When Wedding Bells Thaw Is this a new leaf for the Ice King? November 1st, 2013
249 Adventure Time Vlogs - Freak City MAGIC MAN! November 2nd, 2013
250 Adventure Time Vlogs - Dungeon That Cat-Demon is AWESOME! November 6th, 2013
251 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Duke So many nuts in this episode, and not once do I make a testicle joke. November 7th, 2013
252 Ender's Game Review & Cons Doug talks about up coming cons for next year and his thoughts on the latest Sci-Fi hit! November 8th, 2013
253 Adventure Time Vlogs - Donny This one's just...sad. November 8th, 2013
254 Adventure Time Vlogs - Henchman The Vampire Queen returns! November 9th, 2013
255 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - The Guide & A New Spiritual Age Behind on Korra Vlogs? Well here's TWO to catch up on! November 10th, 2013
256 Adventure Time Vlogs - Rainy Day Use your imagination...or it'll KILL YOU! November 14th, 2013
257 NC Commentary - The Guyver So how much of this review WAS dubbed? November 15th, 2013
258 Adventure Time Vlogs - What Have You Done? Oh hi, Billy! November 15th, 2013
259 Adventure Time Vlogs - His Hero Oh hi, Billy! (For real this time) November 16th, 2013
260 Adventure Time Vlogs - Gut Grinder For an episode called Gut Grinder, I thought there'd but more gut grinding in it. November 18th, 2013
261 Adventure Time Vlogs - It Came from the Nightosphere Daddy's very angry. November 20th, 2013
262 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Eyes Who knew a horse's eyes could be so creepy? November 21st, 2013
263 Adventure Time Vlogs - Loyalty to the King The Ice King is now the Niiiiice King! November 22nd, 2013
264 Adventure Time Vlogs - Blood Under the Skin What an embarrassing episode. November 24th, 2013
265 Adventure Time Vlogs - Slow Love Ew. November 27th, 2013
266 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Finale Let's wrap this up with the final four episodes! November 28th, 2013
267 Adventure Time Vlogs - Storytelling Whoops, missed one. December 5th, 2013
268 Adventure Time Vlogs - Crystals Have Power Guess who's back?!?! December 7th, 2013
269 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Other Tarts What was up with that ending???? December 8th, 2013
270 Adventure Time Vlogs - To Cut a Woman's Hair Talk about a bad hair day. December 9th, 2013
271 Adventure Time Vlogs - Chamber of Frozen Blades Gunter gives BIRTH! December 11th, 2013
272 Adventure Time Vlogs - Her Parents It's tough to meet the folks, but these folks are WEIRD! December 13th, 2013
273 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Pods Why does no one else think that pod looks like Shrek's butt? December 14th, 2013
274 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Silent King What is this episode's obsession with spankings? December 15th, 2013
275 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Real You This vlog gets...weird. December 16th, 2013
276 Adventure Time Vlogs - Guardians of Sunshine I want an Adventure Time video game! December 18th, 2013
277 Adventure Time Vlogs - Death in Bloom Oh Death! December 20th, 2013
278 Adventure Time Vlogs - Susan Strong Woah! Things are getting interesting! December 21st, 2013
279 Adventure Time Vlogs - Mystery Train Nothing like a murder on the train from Spirited Away! December 22nd, 2013
280 Adventure Time Vlogs - Mystery Train Nothing like a little mystery on the train from Spirited Away! December 22nd, 2013
281 Adventure Time Vlogs - Go with Me I totally ship this! December 23rd, 2013
282 Merry Christmas from Doug and Appa And a Happy New MWAAAARGH! December 25th, 2013
283 Adventure Time Vlogs - Belly of the Beast My hotdog is dead... December 26th, 2013
284 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Limit How far can Jake be pushed? December 28th, 2013
285 Adventure Time Vlogs - Video Makers Check please. December 29th, 2013
286 Adventure Time Vlogs - Heat Signature I wanna be a vampire, too! December 30th, 2013
287 Adventure Time Vlogs - Mortal Folly This shit's getting intense! January 3rd, 2014
288 Adventure Time Vlogs - Mortal Recoil Is this the end of Princess Bubblegum? January 3rd, 2014
289 Paranormal Activity 5 Review Just a quick Vlog on Doug's thoughts of the latest Halloween January. January 6th, 2014
290 Adventure Time Vlogs - Conquest of Cuteness AAAAAAAAAW! January 9th, 2014
291 Adventure Time Vlogs - Morituri Te Salutamus Try pronouncing THAT! January 10th, 2014
292 Adventure Time Vlogs - Memory of a Memory What do vampires dream? January 12th, 2014
293 Adventure Time Vlogs - Hitman I get grounded in this episode. January 13th, 2014
294 Adventure Time Vlogs - Too Young Seriously, WHY all the Bubblegum hate? January 16th, 2014
295 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Monster Yyyyyyyeah...about Lumpy Space Princess. January 19th, 2014
296 Adventure Time Vlogs - Still It's not very moving. January 22nd, 2014
297 Adventure Time Vlogs - Wizard Battle Let's face it, you only know this one as the episode before Fionna and Cake. January 24th, 2014
298 Adventure Time Vlogs - Fionna & Cake You know you've been waiting for it. January 25th, 2014
299 Adventure Time Vlogs - What Was Missing? The...lesbian episode? January 29th, 2014
300 Adventure Time Vlogs - Apple Thief Let's go Tree Trunks, let's go! January 30th, 2014
301 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Creeps Boy, the death toll is pretty high on this one. January 31st, 2014
302 Hobbit 2 & Commentary Week Doug's thoughts on the Hobbit 2 as well as your chance to choose which commentaries you want to hear. February 1st, 2014
303 NC Commentary - The Wicker Man Commentary Week begins with a Nicolas Cage classic. February 4th, 2014
304 NC Commentary - Devil Now here's some people to be stuck on an elevator with. February 5th, 2014
305 NC Commentary - Les Miserables Paul and Kyle join Commentary Week on NC's second musical review! February 6th, 2014
306 NC Commentary - Man of Steel Joe and Doug go Round 2 on Man of Steel. February 7th, 2014
307 NC Commentary - The Room Oh hi commentary. February 8th, 2014
308 NC Commentary - A.I. How evil is TMZ? February 9th, 2014
309 NC Commentary - Son of the Mask Let's wrap up Commentary Week with a "Family" picture! February 12th, 2014
310 Adventure Time Vlogs - From Bad To Worse The vlogs are back...and so are the zombies apparently! February 15th, 2014
311 Adventure Time Vlogs - Beautopia More Susan Strong, but not enough! February 16th, 2014
312 Adventure Time Vlogs - No One Can Hear You Just when you thought Adventure Time couldn't get anymore disturbing. February 17th, 2014
313 Adventure Time Vlogs - Jake vs. Memow How adorably horrific. February 19th, 2014
314 Adventure Time Vlogs - Thank You PLUS a bonus episode! February 21st, 2014
315 Adventure Time Vlogs - A New Frontier Death isn't THAT bad... February 22nd,2014
316 Adventure Time Vlogs - Holly Jolly Secrets Part 1 This better be building up to something good... February 23rd, 2014
317 Adventure Time Vlogs - Holly Jolly Secrets Part 2 Ho...Lee...Shit. February 24th, 2014
318 Adventure Time Vlogs - Marceline's Closet Shhhh... February 26th, 2014
319 Adventure Time Vlogs - Paper Pete So THAT'S what the opening page to a book is for! February 27th, 2014
320 Adventure Time Vlogs - Another Way Night...Mare...Fuel! March 1st, 2014
321 Adventure Time Vlogs - Ghost Princess PLUS a response to the whole "Ice King's Glasses" issue. March 2nd, 2014
322 Adventure Time Vlogs - Dad's Dungeon That...sounds...bad. March 3rd, 2014
323 Adventure Time Vlogs - Incendium How about a little Fire Princess? March 6th, 2014
324 Adventure Time Vlogs - Hot to the Touch Some ladies are a little TOO hot. March 7th, 2014
325 Adventure Time Vlogs - Five Short Graybles But what do they MEAN? March 8th, 2014
326 Adventure Time Vlogs - Web Weirdos Hope you like spider butts. March 9th, 2014
327 Adventure Time Vlogs - Dream of Love An elephant french March 10th, 2014
328 Adventure Time Vlogs - Return to the Nightosphere Welcome to the coolest place ever! March 13th, 2014
329 Adventure Time Vlogs - Daddy's Little Monster So THAT'S what bananas are. March 14th, 2014
330 Adventure Time Vlogs - In Your Footsteps Or Single White Bear. March 17th, 2014
331 Behind the Scenes - NC Alice in Wonderland What a bloody mess! March 19th, 2014
332 Adventure Time Vlogs - Hug Wolf Beware a gentle squeeze! March 20th, 2014
333 Adventure Time Vlogs - Princess Monster Wife Wow. Friggin' SAD! March 21st, 2014
334 Adventure Time Vlogs - Goliad BAD clone of Princess Bubblegum March 25th, 2014
335 Adventure Time Vlogs - Beyond This Earthly Realm Because this show wasn't "other worldly" enough. March 26th, 2014
336 Adventure Time Vlogs - Gotcha Oh LSP, you need to stop. March 27th, 2014
337 Adventure Time Vlogs - Princess Cookie Princess? But I don't see any women anywh.......ooooooh. March 28th, 2014
338 Adventure Time Vlogs - Card Wars Perhaps Linkara can offer some help on this one. March 29th, 2014
339 Behind the Scenes - NC Disney Afternoon What goes into the zen of Fat Grandma? March 30th, 2014
340 Adventure Time Vlogs - Son of Mars Wow! Lincoln was an even cooler president than I thought! March 31st, 2014
341 Adventure Time Vlogs - Friendship is Magic This is the WEIRDEST episode ever! April 1st, 2014
342 Adventure Time Vlogs - Burning Low Well, this doesn't answer ANY of the questions from the last vlog! April 2nd, 2014
343 Adventure Time Vlogs - BMO Noire Nya, see? Nya. April 3rd, 2014
344 Cons, Game Shows, and More from Doug An update video on the game show, site, and cons. April 4th, 2014
345 Adventure Time Vlogs - King Worm Just when you think this show couldn't get any stranger, it gets stranger. April 4th, 2014
346 Adventure Time Vlogs - Lady & Peebles This one gets you back in the heart...uh oh. April 7th, 2014
347 Adventure Time Vlogs - You Made Me Lemon in the house! April 9th, 2014
348 Adventure Time Vlogs - Who Would Win Matthew Broderick? Joy. April 10th, 2014
349 Adventure Time Vlogs - Ignition Point I don't think scented candles are worth THIS much trouble. April 11th, 2014
350 Behind the Scenes - NC Foodfight My, my, my, what a mess. April 13th, 2014
351 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Hard Easy Let's experiment... April 14th, 2014
352 Adventure Time Vlogs - Reign of Gunters You can never get enough Gunters! April 16th, 2014
353 Adventure Time Vlogs - I Remember You J-Jesus... April 17th, 2014
354 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Lich Cliffhanger time! April 18th, 2014
355 NC Commentary - Alice in Wonderland Did Doug REALLY have a Burton Corner? April 19th, 2014
356 Adventure Time Vlogs - Finn the Human When did we enter a Bioshock Infinite? April 21st, 2014
357 Adventure Time Vlogs - Jake the Dog Dogs in hot tubs? Sold! April 21st, 2014
358 Adventure Time Vlogs - Five More Short Graybies Give me five...more! April 23rd, 2014
359 Adventure Time Vlogs - Up a Tree Squirrel! April 24th, 2014
360 NC Commentary - Disney Afternoon There's so much to do, get it ready just for you. April 25th, 2014
361 Adventure Time Vlogs - All the Little People We have a tiny problem. April 26th, 2014
362 Adventure Time Vlogs - Jake the Dad PUPPIES! April 27th, 2014
363 Adventure Time Vlogs - Davey We all want to be different people sometimes. April 28th, 2014
364 Adventure Time Vlogs - Mystery Dungeon Does five annoying characters actually make a good episode? May 2nd, 2014
365 Adventure Time Vlogs - All Your Fault What's worse than ONE Lemongrab? May 5th, 2014
366 Adventure Time Vlogs - Little Dude Finn is a boy of many hats. May 7th, 2014
367 Adventure Time Vlogs - Bad Little Boy Welcome back, girl! May 8th, 2014
368 Adventure Time Vlogs - Vault of Bones Will Finn and Flame Princess' relationship continue to spark? May 9th, 2014
369 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Great Bird Man Would his name be Harvey by any chance? May 10th, 2014
370 NC - Making of Lorax Is Black Willy Wonka really made of chocolate? May 11th, 2014
371 Adventure Time Vlogs - Simon & Marcy Behold! Night of the Living Jelly Doughnuts! May 12th, 2014
372 Adventure Time Vlogs - A Glitch is a Glitch No... just no. May 14th, 2014
373 Adventure Time Vlogs - Puhoy A land made of pillows? SOLD! May 15th, 2014
374 Adventure Time Vlogs - BMO Lost Sorry to burst your bubble. May 16th, 2014
375 Adventure Time Vlogs - Princess Potluck Awww, I thought this was gonna be a new princess. May 18th, 2014
376 Adventure Time Vlogs - James Baxter the Horse Ja-a-a-a-ames Baxter! May 19th, 2014
377 Adventure Time Vlogs - Shh! The Jam? May 22nd, 2014
378 Making of NC - Old vs. New: Spider-Man How did we make Malcolm all "Electricy?" May 23rd, 2014
379 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Suitor Breaking up is hard...especially when you never dated the person. May 24th, 2014
380 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita No woman is an island...well, except maybe one. May 25th, 2014
381 Adventure Time Vlogs - One Last Job Time to get the team back together! May 26th, 2014
382 Adventure Time Vlogs - Another Five More Short Graybles PLUS a re-review of A Glitch is a Glitch. Were we too harsh? May 28th, 2014
383 Adventure Time Vlogs - Candy Streets *Insert Law and Order sound effect here* May 29th, 2014
384 Adventure Time Vlogs - Wizards Only, Fools! Let's get uncomfortable! May 30th, 2014
385 Doug Reviews Maleficent and X-Men A look at a new Disney film, a week old X-Men film, and ALL the X-Men films while we're at it. May 31st, 2014
386 Adventure Time Vlogs - Be More To BMO or not to BMO? June 4th, 2014
387 Adventure Time Vlogs - Sky Witch What will become of dear Hambo? June 5th, 2014
388 Adventure Time Vlogs - Frost & Fire It's freezing hot in here! June 6th, 2014
389 Adventure Time Vlogs - Too Old As if Lemongrab wasn't scary enough. June 7th, 2014
340 Adventure Time Vlogs - Earth & Water Time to kiss and makeup...ish. June 8th, 2014
341 Adventure Time Vlogs - Time Sandwich Enjoy it slooooowly. June 11th, 2014
342 Making of Nostalgia Critic Blues Brothers 2000 How many takes does it take Rob to get a line right? June 12th, 2014
343 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Vault What goes in the vault, stays in the vault...unless its a past life. June 13th, 2014
344 Adventure Time Vlogs - Love Games The episode that proves that love is gross. June 16th, 2014
345 Adventure Time Vlogs - Dungeon Train It keeps going and going and... June 18th, 2014
346 Adventure Time Vlogs - Box Prince I hope you like cats in boxes. June 19th, 2014
347 Adventure Time Vlogs - Red Starved Time to suck the red outta ya! June 20th, 2014
348 NC Commentary - The Lorax How ba-a-a-ad can it be? June 21st, 2014
349 Adventure Time Vlogs - We Fixed a Truck This show clearly needed more Weird Al. June 22nd, 2014
350 Adventure Time Vlogs - Play Date Won't anyone play with the Ice King? June 23rd, 2014
351 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Pit Beware the glass! June 25th, 2014
352 Making of Nostalgia Critic Jurassic Park 3 How did that raptor jump out of Tamara's stomach? June 26th, 2014
353 Adventure Time Vlogs - James Is this a good thing or a bad thing? June 27th, 2014
354 Darkwing Duck UPDATED by Jim Cummings Doug's friend Uncle Yo asks the voice of the winged mallard to give a new spin to his famous catchphrase! June 28th, 2014
355 Adventure Time Vlogs - Root Beer Guy What glass of root beer doesn't want to be a writer? June 29th, 2014
356 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Season 3 Premiere A good start or a rocky beginning? June 30th, 2014
357 Nostalgia Critic Talks Transformers 4 The NC has some words about the newest Bay-Buster. July 2nd, 2014
358 Doug Reviews Transformers 4 Was it as bad as the Nostalgia Critic said? July 3rd, 2014
359 Adventure Time Vlogs - Apple Wedding Somebody's getting married! July 4th, 2014
360 Adventure Time Vlogs - Blade of Grass Finn's sword is going green! July 5th, 2014
361 Adventure Time Vlogs - Rattleballs What can one say about a title like that? July 6th, 2014
362 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Red Throne Is Finn becoming too much of a shmuck? July 7th, 2014
363 Adventure Time Vlogs - Betty Well...THAT'S a lot to take in. July 9th, 2014
364 Adventure Time Vlogs - Bad Timing Oh my Glob! What's going on? July 10th, 2014
365 Making of NC - After Earth Wanna know how we made this? DENIED! July 11th, 2014
366 Adventure Time Vlogs - Lemonhope Part 1 If you thought Lemongrab was annoying... July 12th, 2014
367 Adventure Time Vlogs - Lemonhope Part 2 A happy ending...ish? July 13th, 2014
368 Adventure Time Vlogs - Billy's Bucket List WHO'S still alive?????? July 14th, 2014
369 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - In Harm's Way and Metal Clan Three eyes a charm. July 16th, 2014
370 Adventure Time Vlogs - Wake Up DADDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY! July 17th, 2014
371 Adventure Time Vlogs - Escape from the Citadel Boy, Finn's dad is a dick! July 18th, 2014
372 Adventure Time Vlogs - James 2 The revenge!!!!!!! July 19th, 2014
373 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Tower Well, it's good to build yourself up. July 21st, 2014
374 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Old Wounds and Original Airbenders Backstory time! July 22nd, 2014
375 Adventure Time Vlogs - Sad Face This is probably the strangest vlog we've done. July 23rd, 2014
376 Making of NC - Bloodrayne Spoony gets punched, Critic gets pied, and...Linkara takes his shirt off? July 24th, 2014
377 Adventure Time Vlogs - Breezy Bee love always ends with a stinger. July 25th, 2014
378 Adventure Time Vlogs - Food Chain It's the circle of huh? July 26th, 2014
379 Adventure Time Vlogs - Furniture and Meat With a title like that, it has to be good. July 27th, 2014
380 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Prince Who Wanted Everything Fionna and Cake, YAAAAAY! July 28th, 2014
381 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - The Terror Within The last episode on TV? July 30th, 2014
382 Adventure Time Vlogs - Something Big I'll say it is. Damn! July 31st, 2014
383 Adventure Time Vlogs - Little Brother Is this the last Adventure Time Vlog? August 1st, 2014
384 Making of NC - The Purge See Maurice LaMarche and Rob Paulsen swear as Pinky and the Brain live! August 3rd, 2014
385 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - The Stakeout Is the series becoming repetitive? August 7th, 2014
386 NC Commentary - The Purge How did we get Pinky and the Brain? August 8th, 2014
387 Doug on Robin Williams' Comedy Doug talks about what we have lost with the passing of a comedy giant. August 12th, 2014
388 Doug Reviews AVGN the Movie What are Doug's thoughts on James Rolfe's magnum opus? August 13th, 2014
389 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Long Live the Earth Queen Shit just got real! August 14th, 2014
390 See NC Editorials a Day Early Take a look at the newest Nostalgia Critic editorial (What You Never Knew About TMNT) at to get an early peek. August 18th, 2014
391 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - The Ultimatum Is this the end of Tenzin? August 21st, 2014
392 Nostalgia Critic Does Ice Bucket Challenge NC caves in, but will it be what you expect? August 23rd, 2014
393 Making of NC - Small Soldiers DEVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL BONERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! August 24th, 2014
394 Doug Reviews Sin City 2 Is it a dame worth killing for? August 24th, 2014
395 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Season 3 Finale Um...a happy ending? August 27th, 2014
396 See NC Editorials Early on Maker It's true ya know! September 1st, 2014
397 Making of NC - Princess Diaries 2 Comic books, stormy days, and dead lifting people...just another day shooting an NC video. September 5th, 2014
398 NC Commentary - Princess Diaries 2 Was the film really as bad as we made it out? Well not to give anything away but...yes. September 7th, 2014
399 Adventure Time Vlogs - Ocarina The vlogs are back this week! Let's see how Jake's kids are doing. September 7th, 2014
400 Adventure Time Vlogs - Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe! ROAD TRIP! September 8th, 2014
401 Adventure Time Vlogs - Princess Day With a title like that, it has to be good...right? September 9th, 2014
402 Adventure Time Vlogs - Nemesis Well, at least it's better than the Star Trek movie. September 10th, 2014
403 Adventure Time Vlogs - Joshua & Margaret Investigations And I thought Finn's backstory was messed up... September 11th, 2014
404 Making of NC - Ghost Rider 2 Crying Film Brains, cynical Mike Js and Devil Boner, oh no! September 14th, 2014
405 Doug Talks Top 11 WORST Avatars This link might piss a lot of people off, but trust me, wait until the end. September 15th, 2014
406 Doug on Eyes Wide Shut Orgies...sort of It's the classic Eyes Wide Shut, and you can see the Nostalgia Critic's early review on! September 29th, 2014
407 Doug Reviews: The Boxtrolls Doug looks at the latest stop motion "kinda" hit. October 1st, 2014
408 Making of NC - Top 11 Avatars Dante Basco plays Crossfire?????? October 5th, 2014
409 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Season 4 Premiere Now THAT'S how you start a final season! October 12th, 2014
410 See NC Top 11 New Halloween Classics a day early! You read the title. GO! October 13th, 2014
411 NC Commentary - Top 11 Avatars What was it like working with Dante Basco? October 14th, 2014
412 Making of NC - Maximum Overdrive You mean JonTron WASN'T in Doug's house? October 18th, 2014
413 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Korra Alone & The Coronation 2 for the price of...none. October 24th, 2014
414 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - The Calling Let's get adorable! October 25th, 2014
415 Side by Side Parody Comparison See how similar our satires are to the real thing. October 26th, 2014
416 Making of NC - Monster Squad See what went into the making of the Monster Squad Nostalgia Critic episode. November 4th, 2014
417 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Battle of Zaofu & Enemy at the Gate Two episodes this week, see how the last season is shaping up! November 9th, 2014
418 Making of NC - Rise of the Commercials Could it be we found someone actually good at Skip-It? November 16th, 2014
419 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Reunion Piggyback rides of EPICNESS! November 22nd, 2014
420 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Tourist Trapped Doug and Rob begin their Gravity Falls Vlogs. December 1st, 2014
421 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Legend of the Gobblewonker How many cameras does it take to break a Dipper? December 2nd, 2014
422 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Headhunters This looks like a job for Duck Detective! December 3rd, 2014
423 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - Beyond the Wilds Therapy time! December 3rd, 2014
424 F**king Love Christmas Music Video The music video from the Nostalgia Critic’s Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer review. If you have issues with flashing lights please do not watch this video or To Skip Past the flashing lights portion click here Buy it on Itunes OR Bandcamp. December 3rd, 2014
425 Gravity Falls Vlogs - The Hand That Rocks the Mabel It's just Widdle Ol' Gideon... December 4th, 2014
426 Gravity Falls Vlogs - The Inconveniencing Ride on Aoshima… December 5th, 2014
427 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Dipper vs. Manliness MAN! MAN! MAN! December 6th, 2014
428 Making of NC - Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Because I (fill in the blank) love Christmas! December 7th, 2014
429 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Double Dipper Don't Stop Unbelieving December 7th, 2014
430 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Irrational Treasure Presidents need less pants. December 8th, 2014
431 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Time Traveler's Pig Oh hi, Waddles! December 9th, 2014
432 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Fight Fighters This is full of yes! December 10th, 2014
433 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Little Dipper We got a BIG problem… December 11th, 2014
434 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Summerween The Rise of Loser Candy! December 12th, 2014
435 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Boss Mabel Shoulder pads away! December 13th, 2014
436 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Bottomless Pit! It’s the show’s lowest point! December 14th, 2014
437 Gravity Falls Vlogs - The Deep End You will believe a merman can cry. December 15th, 2014
438 Korra Vlogs - Operation Beifong and Kuvira's Gambit Two episodes this big must be done at the same time! December 16th, 2014
439 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Carpet Diem Let's switch things up! December 16th, 2014
440 Cons and Charity Auction Wanna get Ask That Guy's robe or Zuko's wardrobe? December 17th, 2014
441 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Boyz Crazy Girl, girl you know I love you, girl. December 17th, 2014
442 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Land Before Swine It's a Ptera...Tera...FLYING LIZARD! December 18th, 2014
443 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Dreamscaperers Oh hi Bill. December 19th, 2014
444 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Gideon Rises The final episode of season 1. WOW! December 20th, 2014
445 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Scare-oke Welcome to your dreams! December 21st, 2014
446 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Into the Bunker It's Wendy vs. Wendy! WHO WILL WIN???? (I'm betting on Wendy) December 22nd, 2014
447 Gravity Falls Vlogs - The Golf Wars Who knew golf was so violent? December 23rd, 2014
448 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Sock Opera I prefer Sock Rock. December 24th, 2014
449 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Soos and the Real Girl Some virtual relationships are a little too real. December 25th, 2014
450 The Legend of Korra Vlogs - THE Final Episode She's out there Jerry and she's loving every minute of it! December 26th, 2014
451 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Little Gift Shop of Horrors Stop the stop motion! December 26th, 2014
452 Making of NC - Christmas Story 2 What was it like to work with Cinema Sins? December 27th, 2014
453 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Society of the Blind Eye You watched it, you cannot unwatch it...or can you? December 27th, 2014
454 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Blendin's Game He's TIME! December 28th, 2014
455 Gravity Falls Vlogs - The Love God Match making time! December 29th, 2014
456 Nostalgia Critic - Matrix Announcement An update on Nostalgia Critic's Matrix month. January 6th, 2015
457 Making of NC - The Matrix It’s always best to blend in wearing a ton of leather. January 19th, 2015
458 Making of NC - Matrix Reloaded There's a Shmucker born every minute! February 7th, 2015
459 Making of NC - Matrix Revolutions How many times did Doug do that laugh? February 19th, 2015
460 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Northwest Manor Mystery Ah, it’s good to be back!  February 22nd, 2015
461 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - The Matrix Welcome to a new series of videos where we (Doug and Rob) give our real thoughts on films that the Nostalgia Critic has reviewed. First up, The Matrix February 27th, 2015
462 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Mamma Mia! Why is this Rob's #2 most hated film? March 1st, 2015
463 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Batman & Robin Yep, time to give our real thoughts on the most hated comic book movie of all time. March 7th, 2015
464 Doug and Rob on the Secret of NIMH Remake Is this really as bad as it sounds? March 8th, 2015
465 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Bridge to Terabithia Did we REALLY need to be so heartless? March 9th, 2015
466 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Not What He seems HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY CRAP! March 11th, 2015
467 Doug and Uncle Yo Read Slashfic Doug and Uncle Yo read a slashfic about themselves. March 12th, 2015
468 Doug and Rob on More Ghostbuster Films Ghostbusters is trying to be the Marvel Universe now? March 14th, 2015
469 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - The Last Airbender Did Shyamalan really destroy Doug’s favorite show? March 15th, 2015
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471 Making of NC - Haunted Mansion Admit it, you would LOVE to see Kanye West as Goliath. March 25th, 2015
472 Making of NC - Daredevil So why wasn't Malcolm in this episode? April 4th, 2015
473 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Space Jam Worst Looney Tunes project ever? April 9th, 2015
474 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - 8 Crazy Nights A review so good even the director liked it…no, REALLY! April 10th, 2015
475 Over the Garden Wall Vlog - Part 1 Doug and Rob talk about the first half of a highly requested special! April 11th, 2015
476 Adventure Time Vlogs - Ghost Fly The Vlogs are back with a spooooky visitor! April 12th, 2015
477 Adventure Time Vlogs - Everything's Jake And it’s…weird! April 14th, 2015
478 Adventure Time Vlogs - Is That You? Guess who comes back April 15th, 2015
479 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Hook Was it a little too corny or just right? April 17th, 2015
480 Adventure Time Vlogs - Jake the Brick All in all we're just another brick on the wall. April 17th, 2015
481 Adventure Time Vlogs - Dentist After this, getting my teeth cleaned doesn’t sound that bad. April 18th, 2015
482 Over the Garden Wall Vlog - Part 2 Well... THAT made sense. April 19th, 2015
483 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Cooler We find out Bubblegum's first name? April 19th, 2015
484 Doug Reviews: Unfriended Skype the Horror Movie? April 20th, 2015
485 Making of NC - TMNT 2014 What was it like to once again film with the Nerd? April 21st, 2015
486 Doug Reviews - It Follows Um…yeah, why do people like this? April 24th, 2015
487 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Mortal Kombat So HOW many people liked this movie again? May 6th, 2015
488 Making of NC - Demolition Man How did this movie spark necrophilia? May 6th, 2015
489 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Street Fighter Of course! May 7th, 2015
490 Netflix's Daredevil Vlogs - Episode 1 By popular demand! Also, a sneak peek at what our next vlog series will be! May 8th, 2015
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492 Netflix's Daredevil Vlogs - Episode 3 Enter the Kingpin. May 12th, 2015
493 Netflix's Daredevil Vlogs - Episode 4 Woah, Kingpin is FRIGGIN NUTS! May 13th, 2015
494 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Last Action Hero Never apologise! NEVER APOLOGISE! May 14th, 2015
495 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - The Sonic Shows Was there really a good one and a bad one? May 15th, 2015
496 Netflix's Daredevil Vlogs - Episode 5 Let slip the dogs of war! May 17th, 2015
497 Netflix's Daredevil Vlogs - Episode 6 Well, all is lost, now what? May 19th, 2015
498 Netflix's Daredevil Vlogs - Episode 7 The blind lead the blind. May 20th, 2015
499 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Quest for Camelot Did the movie really have to explain THAT much? May 22nd, 2015
500 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Cat in the Hat Wow, we got REALLY angry on this one. May 23rd, 2015
501 Netflix's Daredevil Vlogs - Episode 8 Childhood's not fun. May 27th, 2015
502 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Super Mario Bros Movie Why was this movie a Ba-Bomb? May 28th, 2015
503 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - The Tom and Jerry Movie Did this insult to Tom and Jerry hurt us as much as we let on? May 29th, 2015
504 Making of NC - Fantastic 4 The super review where we bare our chests...well some of us. May 30th, 2015
505 Netflix's Daredevil Vlogs - Episode 9 Kingpin and Daredevil finally fight…and it’s not pretty. May 31st, 2015
506 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - The Care Bears Movies From evil books to Dark Heart, we take a look at the cuddliest of annoying nostalgia. June 3rd, 2015
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511 Making of NC - Sharkboy and Lavagirl My dad has breasts...that is all. June 11th, 2015
512 Netflix's Daredevil Vlogs - Episode 11 Wesley? WESLEY???? June 12th, 2015
513 Netflix's Daredevil Vlogs - Episode 12 This is turning into a bloodbath! June 13th, 2015
514 Netflix's Daredevil Vlogs - Episode 13 That costume looks...pretty bad. June 14th, 2015
515 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Jupiter Ascending This movie has a following...REALLY? June 18th, 2015
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517 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Dungeons and Dragons Feed this movie your RAGE! June 25th, 2015
518 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Signs WOOD! June 26th, 2015
519 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 2 Rob and Doug take a look by popular demand at the hit series! (Note: Episodes were filmed in incorrect order and will be adjusted after a certain amount of future vlogs.) June 27th, 2015
520 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 1 God I want a Cookie Cat! June 28th, 2015
521 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 6 Prepare for nightmares. June 29th, 2015
522 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 7 Everybody feels like they're trapped in a bubble sometimes. July 1st, 2015
523 Making of NC - Jupiter Ascending The bad guys sing Hakuna Matata? Check out the making of the Nostalgia Critic review of Jupiter Ascending. July 2nd, 2015
524 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Power Rangers The movies, TV shows, everything! July 3rd, 2015
525 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Congo Tim Curry, Ernie Hudson, and Bruce Campbell? How can this go wrong? July 4th, 2015
526 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Disney Afternoon Doug and Rob give their real thoughts on the Nostalgia Critic review of Disney Afternoon. July 8th, 2015
527 Making of NC - Jurassic World Wanna hear how the Honest Trailer guy leaves a message? Find out the answer in the Making of Jurassic World review. July 9th, 2015
528 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Don Bluth's Films Everything that is BLUTH! An American Tail, Anastasia and Secret of NIMH. July 10th, 2015
529 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 3 Is it me or does Steven look...weird? July 11th, 2015
530 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 4 Part of a complete DEATH!!!!!!!! July 12th, 2015
531 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 5 Man, shit’s getting f*cked up! July 13th, 2015
532 Doug's Top 10 Disney Films Live acting, animated, it all counts! Here’s Doug’s favorite films from one of his favorite studios!

July 14th, 2015
533 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 8 Who knew teacups could be so deadly? July 14th, 2015
534 Gravity Falls Vlogs - A Tale of Two Stans It's been a long wait, but SO many answers are here! July 18th, 2015
535 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Osmosis Jones Is it as bad on the inside as it is on the outside? July 23rd, 2015
536 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Alice in Wonderland Wow, we got ANGRIER than we thought on this one. July 24th, 2015
537 Making of NC - Planet of the Apes Doug and Spoony monkey around. July 25th, 2015
538 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 9 Tag a tiger by the toe. Steven joins an underground wrestling league with Amethyst, who is tired of Pearl and Garnet bringing her down. July 28th, 2015
539 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 10 Steven has a new pet, and he’s big! July 30th, 2015
540 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 11 So Garnet has three eyes. And even bigger news, she loves arcade games! WHAAAA? July 31st, 2015
541 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - The Wizard Oooooh, this one is gonna be fun! July 31st, 2015
542 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 12 Steven finds out two heads are better than one! August 1st, 2015
543 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 13 Steven stops acting his age, and it's killing him! Steven learns that the Gems are thousands of years old and decides to make up for all the thousands of birthdays they've missed. August 4th, 2015
544 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Dungeons, Dungeon and More Dungeons Weird Al guest stars on the latest and strangest episode! August 6th, 2015
545 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Thomas and the Magic Railroad Well, it did introduce us to Mara Wilson. THAT'S a good thing about it. August 7th, 2015
546 Making of NC - Osmosis Jones Sad eyes, Chris Rock, and FAN ART!!!! August 7th, 2015
547 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Garfield The cat's outta the bag on what we thought about one of our childhood icons. August 8th, 2015
548 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 14 This episode grows on you, like a killer plant. August 9th, 2015
549 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 15 A trade with a creepy kid (?) turns horribly wrong! August 10th, 2015
550 Doug's Top 10 Favorite Movie Moments Couldn't get an NC to you guys this week, but here's a look at some of Doug's favorite moments from film ever! August 11th, 2015
551 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 16 Hey look, Pearl got stabbed....that's a little dark. August 11th, 2015
552 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - TMNT Movies A look at every Turtle flick there is. August 13th, 2015
553 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 17 Steven discovers more about himself and his Lion... but who cares? DOGCOPTER'S BACK! August 14th, 2015
554 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 18 The Gems and Steven throw a beach party when an unexpected visitor comes along. August 15th, 2015
555 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - The Secret of NIMH 2 A look at the mess-terpiece sequel of a classic. August 16th, 2015
556 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 19 While Steven gets people into shape, he also comes across the most AMAZING fusion ever! August 20th, 2015
557 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 20 Steven discovers his mother's room is surprisingly creepy. August 21st, 2015
558 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 21 Lars goes too far in abusing his "Player 2". August 22nd, 2015
559 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 22 Steven discovers that if he could go back in time, what would he do? Start a rock band! August 23rd, 2015
560 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 23 Steven comes across the most adorable killing machine. Can he keep it? August 24th, 2015
561 Gravity Falls Vlogs - The Stanchurian Candidate Stan runs for mayor. Hey, I'd still vote for him over Donald Trump. August 27th, 2015
562 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Pixels Were we being too mean or too nice to Adam Sandler? August 28th, 2015
563 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Captain N And you thought the Wizard was one giant commercial… August 29th, 2015
564 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 24 Steven gets closer to his mother despite having never met her. August 30th, 2015
565 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 25 A new character is added to the mix, but is she a friend or foe? August 31st, 2015
566 Making of NC - Garfield Ya know, the Coen brothers WOULD have made a good Garfield flick. September 2nd, 2015
567 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 26 Steven faces a world with no ocean! Can he get it back? September 2nd, 2015
568 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 27 Nobody likes a faker, but when it's your own dad? Ouch. September 3rd, 2015
569 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 28 Steven builds his own you haven't? September 4th, 2015
570 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 29 Steven keeps a secret from Garnet, but for how long? September 5th, 2015
571 Making of NC - Pixels A look at the movie that set video game movies back even FURTHER. September 6th, 2015
572 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 30 Steven and his friends get stuck on an island, but the reason why might piss people off. September 6th, 2015
573 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Good Burger Welcome to Good not plan to enjoy your stay. September 7th, 2015
574 Gravity Falls Vlogs - The Last Mabelcorn The gang finds out what a bunch of dicks unicorns are. September 10th, 2015
575 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 31 Is it possible? Did we come across a bad episode of Steven Universe? September 11th, 2015
576 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 32 Connie's family wants to meet Steven's family. This could get awkward. September 12th, 2015
577 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 33 Steve tells a story of what happened to Garnet…whether it’s true or not. September 13th, 2015
578 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Neverending Story Movies Which one was good, which one was bad, and which one sinned against nature? September 17th, 2015
579 Making of NC - The Smurfs What was it like to work with Andre “Black Nerd” Meadows? September 18th, 2015
580 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 34 Steven finds out watermelons aren’t always good for you, especially if they ARE you! October 3rd, 2015
581 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Roadside Attraction Candy and Dipper, sitting in a tree, about to get eaten by SPIDERS in this episode! October 3rd, 2015
582 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 35 Steven learns more about his lion...and his mother? October 4th, 2015
583 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - The Ernest Movies Yes they may be stupid, but are they “Ha Ha” stupid? October 5th, 2015
584 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 36 Steven and the Gems get a visit from an unexpected green guest. October 5th, 2015
585 Doug Reviews - The Visit Did M. Night actually make a good film, or is it good by "M. Night" standards? October 6th, 2015
586 The Awesoming Trailer It's Nostalgia Critic - The Awesoming! All new Nostalgia Critic videos, from reviews to origin stories to deleted footage! October 7th, 2015
587 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 37 Steve and Connie fuse into one, but is this a good thing or a bad thing? October 9th, 2015
588 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 38 Steven finds some of his missions are rigged, so he’s put to the real test…in a way. October 10th, 2015
589 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 39 Steven finds out anything can kill him, but is it worth spending his whole life afraid of everything? October 11th, 2015
590 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Exorcist II There's a reason this movie's called a Heretic. October 13th, 2015
591 The Awesoming Trailer #2 Purchase now! Here's the the second trailer for Nostalgia Critic - The Awesoming. October 13th, 2015
592 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future It’s the end of the world as we know it, and nobody feels fine! October 15th, 2015
593 Making of NC - Mad Max: Fury Road If you thought this one was a lot of work, you were right. Check out the Making of Fury Road. October 16th, 2015
594 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 40 Steven finds out more about the Gems' past, but do the Gems realize the consequences of their actions? October 17th, 2015
595 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 41 Just in time for Halloween, Steven Universe gives us something REALLY scary, Lars and Ronaldo together. October 18th, 2015
596 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 42 Steven finds there's so many ways to botch up his day, but which one is the least bad? October 20th, 2015
597 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 43 Steven discovers an unlikely friendship…or is it an unlikely rivalry? October 22nd, 2015
598 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 44 An angry visitor from the past returns, but is she good or bad? October 23rd, 2015
599 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 45 Discovering Steven may know more about Rose than Pearl, something tells me they may have been more than just friends. October 24th, 2015
600 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 46 Steven finds out some people can take their fanfiction too seriously, even himself. October 25th, 2015
601 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Weirdmageddon Part 1 Bill is destroying the world with chaos, can Dipper and Wendy save it in time? It's Weirdmagedon time. October 29th, 2015
602 Doug Reviews - Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension With a title like that, how can you go wrong? November 1st, 2015
603 Making of NC - Event Horizon Why did the friggin' ass scene take so long? November 1st, 2015
604 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 47 Art can be a tricky business, especially when it leads to no business. November 2nd, 2015
605 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 48 We finally see how Steven’s Mom and Dad met. The romance is strong with this one! November 5th, 2015
606 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 49 A cryptic message is given to the gems, and only Steven’s dad can figure it out...hopefully. November 6th, 2015
607 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 50 The mayor is a liar (big shock) but is this a good thing or a bad thing for everyone? November 7th, 2015
608 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 51 An evil force returns to Earth, and our heroes pretty doomedish. November 8th, 2015
609 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 52 Garnet’s big secret is finally revealed. What are Doug and Rob’s thoughts on it? November 9th, 2015
610 Making of NC - Children of the Corn Wanna see Doug get hit in the head with a bat? No really, that happened. November 10th, 2015
611 Doug Reviews - The Peanuts Movie Is the latest update to Charlie Brown good stuff or good grief? Doug takes a look at The Peanuts Movie. November 12th, 2015
612 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 53 Steven comes to grips with who he can trust and who he can't after a giant alien attack. November 18th, 2015
613 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 54 Steven hangs out with his new friends, but are they a good influence or a bad influence? November 19th, 2015
614 Doug Reviews - The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 The final chapter in the Hunger Games. Did it end on a high note? November 22nd, 2015
615 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 55 Steven Universe has its first crossover and it is... strange. November 23rd, 2015
616 Gravity Falls Vlogs - Weirdmageddon Part 2 Welcome to Mabel Land, the greatest and yet somehow scariest place in Gravity Falls! November 27th, 2015
617 Making of NC - Hocus Pocus See what went into putting this nostalgic spell together! December 2nd, 2015
618 Making of NC - Conquest of the Commercials How creepy can we be while filming innocent kids’ commercials? December 10th, 2015
619 Making of NC - Christmas with the Kranks It’s one of the worst Christmas Specials ever, but was making the review of it as tough as watching the movie? December 26th, 2015
620 What The Hell YouTube? Our last 23 days have been great! Unfortunately we have gotten no where with YouTube’s support system. 1 strike has disabled every feature on our account, the YouTube counter DMCA form was not only broken for us, but a different login to the account provided a completely different and WORKING form. Lot’s more in the video, and we’ll probably have another video or two related to this in the coming weeks about how broken the current system is. January 28th, 2016
621 What The Hell YouTube? Part 2 We got our monetization back partially 4 hours after the video aired and fully this morning, but the biggest issue still persists. Communication! Where is it? Why can’t we get answers? January 29th, 2016
622 Steven Universe Vlogs Episode 56 The vlogs are back! Time to see if romance will spark between Garnet and the mailman…wait what? February 5th, 2016
623 Making of NC - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens It might be hard to believe, but used some green screen in this one. Here is what went on in the Star Wars Force Awakens review. February 6th, 2016
624 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 57 Amethyst sees what she can make of herself, as she keeps regenerating in different forms. Talk about a self image problem. February 6th, 2016
625 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 58 Connie learns how to become a master sword fighter, but are Pearl’s teachings going too far? February 7th, 2015
626 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Christmas with the Kranks One of the worst Christmas movies, or THE worst Christmas movie? February 9th, 2016
627 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Inspector Gadget What did Doug and Rob really think about 1999’s live action Inspector Gadget? February 11th, 2016
628 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 59 Ooh, an entire episode dedicated to Ronaldo… Doug and Rob must be SO excited. February 12th, 2016
629 Making of NC - Lady in the Water Find out what went into making the Nostalgia Critic review of Lady in the Water. February 13th, 2016
630 Doug Reviews - Deadpool The mean-spirited superhero has come to make fourth wall jokes, but do they work? February 14th, 2016
631 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 60 Garnet comes across evil doings that will literally rip her apart. February 14th, 2016
632 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 61 Steven finds out what made his mom and dad fuse in a totally different way, much to Pearl's regret. February 16th, 2016
633 Gravity Falls Vlogs - The LAST Episode I will not say do not cry, for not all tears are an evil. Doug and Rob take a look at the final Gravity Falls episode. February 17th, 2016
634 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 62 Lapis might be returning, but is this a good thing or a bad thing? February 18th, 2016
635 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 63 When a distress signal is sent from the enemy, Doug and Rob decide who’s sending the real cry for help? February 19th, 2016
636 Auditions and Cons 2016 Wanna star in one of our shows…or just see Doug at a convention? Check out the video to see how you can meet up with us in the near future! February 19th, 2016
637 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 64 If you’re going to live together, you should ALWAYS do a road trip. February 20th, 2016
638 Making of NC - Labyrinth How is it we get Tamara always foaming at the mouth? See what went into making the Nostalgia Critic review of Labyrinth. February 22nd, 2016
639 Real Thoughts on NC Reviews - Labyrinth What went into making all those David Bowie jokes? Doug and Rob explain their thoughts on the Jim Henson epic. February 25th, 2016
640 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 65 Steven meets Onion’s mom. While she seems pretty normal, why is Onion himself still so weird? Doug and Rob try to figure it out. February 27th, 2016
641 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 66 Steven does a play with his Mailman, but it's not the most accurate. Can Pearl help to make it more faithful? Doug and Rob take a look. February 28th, 2016
642 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 67 Can Pearl and Garnett solve their differences, or will it cost them their heads? February 29th, 2016
643 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 68 Steven meets the Walking Dead...well sort of. It's a zombie type style horror story that Doug and Rob look over. March 2nd, 2016
644 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 70 Peridot is captured by the Gems, but Steven finds out they need her more than they think. Doug takes a look at why. March 3rd, 2016
645 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 71 Peridot discovers the rain, friendship, and the destruction of all mankind. Doug looks over the adorable episode. March 4th, 2016
646 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 72 It’s Pearl vs Peridot as robot battles robot. A pretty cool setup to say the least. Doug takes a look at the metal fighters. March 5th, 2015
647 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 69 A little out of order, but nobody’s perfect. Sadie tries to figure out if she’s performing for herself or for her mother. Doug takes a look at Sadie’s Song. March 7th, 2016
648 Making of NC - Cats & Dogs Doug and Tamara decide to name their creepy couple, Uncle Lies and Aunt Deceit! See what else happened behind the scenes. March 13th, 2016
649 The Awesoming now on DVD! Check out our new DVD, The Awesoming – Nostalgia Critic with 4 previously only on Vimeo NC’s & so much more! March 17th, 2016
650 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 73 Peridot is learning how humor works, but is sounding more like childish insults. Sounds like every shock jock on the radio! March 17th, 2016
651 Awesome Comics Show Promo C2E2 coverage will start this week, and the show will debut on Monday, March 28th, 2016. March 18th, 2016
652 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 74 Ever wonder how Ruby and Sapphire met? Doug and Rob take a look at what went into making one of our favorite Crystal Gems! March 18th, 2016
653 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 75 We all grow older, but can some of us grow younger? Doug and Rob look at Steven's strange new power on his birthday. March 22nd, 2016
654 Save Fair Use NOW Make your voice heard! Comment via Call them Toll Free – 1 (877) 476–0778 and press 0. March 31st, 2016
655 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 76 The plans of Yellow Diamond are revealed, but where does Peridot lie on the issue? Doug and Rob take a look. April 8th, 2016
656 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 77 Peridot shows where her loyalties lie, but will Yellow Diamond change her tune? Doug and Rob look over the big reveal. April 9th, 2016
657 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 78 Peridot and Garnet seem to be getting along, but how did this happen? Doug and Rob look over the last episode before their hiatus. April 10th, 2016
658 Making of NC - Phantom of the Opera See what went into making the Nostalgia Critic Phantom of the Opera review. April 11th, 2016
659 Batman v Superman NC Review Trailer It's Angry Joe v the Nostalgia Critic and Batman v Superman. The video is on now! April 13th, 2016
660 Making of NC - Batman v Superman What was it like to work with Angry Joe in one Hell of an Angry review? This Behind the Scenes footage shows you. April 21st, 2016
661 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Pajama War Forgot we had this, but never put it up. Adventure Time Vlogs are back starting today! A nice pajama sleep over turns into a real nightmare. Doug, Jason, and Jori take a look at the madness. April 23rd, 2016
662 Adventure Time Vlogs - Evergreen Doug and Jason are back to look at a history thousands of years in the past. Hey, it's better than the Good Dinosaur. April 24th, 2016
663 Adventure Time Vlogs - Astral Plane Finn has an out of body experience and sees a lot, including a future destruction of his world. Doug and Jason look beyond the beyond. April 25th, 2016
664 Adventure Time Vlogs - Gold Stars An evil force is back, and it's...kind of adorable. Jason and Doug look at how long the darkness can be contained. April 26th, 2016
665 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Visitor Finn's dad returns, and he seems to be ruling a small army of...snowmen? Doug and Jason take a look The Visitor. April 27th, 2016
666 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Mountain The journey of Lemongrab continues as he journeys within himself, both literally and...literally. April 28th, 2016
667 Where's The Fair Use Progress To submit your stories of purchasing content after seeing someone talk about, cover,review, remix or play it. April 29th, 2016
668 Adventure Time Vlogs - Dark Purple The return of an old friend, but is this a clever adventure or a rip off of Futurama? April 30th, 2016
669 Adventure Time Vlogs - The Diary Jake's son finds a diary, and he's destined to find the owner. The search is on as Doug and Jason take a look at, The Diary. May 1st, 2016
670 Adventure Time Vlogs - Walnuts and Rain Finn and Jake come across two very strange creatures, and both seem to be very fond of entrapment. Doug and Jason take a look. May 6th, 2016
671 Adventure Time Vlogs - Friends Forever Ice King finds a way to bring his house hold appliances to life, but what if they're not the friends he's looking for? Doug and Jason check it out. May 7th, 2016
672 Awesome Build - Blade Costumes and Props Join Jim Jarosz as he goes through the process of making the props and costumes for the Blade Review from the Nostalgia Critic. May 8th, 2016
673 Adventure Time Vlogs - Jermaine Jake's brother has a hard life, but is he deserving of so much stress and madness? Doug and Jason take a look. May 8th, 2016
674 Adventure Time Vlogs - Chips and Ice Cream Sometimes your closest friends are the ones who annoy you the most. Doug and Jason never annoy each other...really! They take a look at a similar episode, Chips and Ice Cream. May 11th, 2016
675 Adventure Time Vlogs - Graybles 1000+ Forget the theme on this one, we take a look years into the future, the first time Adventure Time has done this...apart from the whole series...kinda. Doug and Jason remark on, Graybles 1000+. May 13th, 2016
676 Steven Universe Vlogs - Super Watermelon Island & Gem Drill Two for one today, a look at Steven and the gang finally taking out the "evil" cluster. Rob & Doug take a look at Super Watermelon Island and Gem Drill. May 20th, 2016
677 Awesome Build - Johnson Justice Gun Prop See what went into the making of the Johnson Justice gun prop from the Nostalgia Critic Old vs New Cinderella video. May 22nd, 2016
678 Too Many Games and Indy Cons Two big cons coming up in June. Click here for IndyPopCon tickets or Click here for Too Many Games! June 4th, 2016
679 Steven Universe Vlogs - Same Old World Lapis is back, but will she be able to accept this new world called Earth? June 11th, 2016
680 Steven Universe Vlogs - Barn Mates Lapis and Peridot aren't getting along. Is there anything that can melt their stone hearts? June 12th, 2016
681 Steven Universe Vlogs - Hit the Diamond The ultimate bout is about to begin...with BASEBALL! June 13th, 2016
682 Tamara's Never Seen - Return to Oz Tamara has not seen many movies from the past. Return to Oz was one of them. After finally seeing Return to Oz Tamara gives you her impressions! June 26th, 2016
683 Side by Side Comparisons - Alvin and the Chipmunks How close does the music video add up to the real movie? July 13th, 2016
684 Making of NC - Alvin and the Chipmunks See what went into the making of the Alvin and the Chipmunks review. July 15th, 2016
685 Tamara's Never Seen - Jurassic Park How has Tamara never seen Jurassic Park? July 17th, 2016
686 Awesome Build - Rotating Chipmunks in Balloon See what went into the making of the Rotating Chipmunks in Balloon from the Nostalgia Critic Alvin & the Chipmunks review. July 18th, 2016
687 No new Nostalgia Critic this week as Doug takes a mini break. Does your favorite make the list? Doug talks about the animated films from Japan that play a big part in his life. July 19th, 2016
688 Iowa and Canada Upcoming Cons Check out these upcoming cons Doug will be at. July 21st, 2016
689 Tamara's Never Seen - NIMH Tamara sees Secret of NIMH for the first time! July 24th, 2016
690 Tamara's Never Seen - Goonies Tamara never saw the Truffle Shuffle. July 31st, 2016
691 Awesome Build - Mad Max Fury Road Yeah it's an older review, but we've never released this so bam here it is. See what went into making the Mad Max Fury Road review props! August 1st, 2016
692 Doug's Thoughts on Batman: The Killing Joke It went from being beloved to despised in a day, but what's Doug's take on the popular Batman story? August 5th, 2016
693 Tamara's Never Seen - The Dark Crystal Tamara checks out The Dark Crystal. August 7th, 2016
694 Making of NC - Ghostbusters (2016) See what went into the making of the Ghostbusters (2016) review. August 8th, 2016
695 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episodes 84 & 85 Doug and Rob look at two of the latest episodes back to back. Do they work or are they just too strange? August 12th, 2016
696 The Real Chipmunks Movie Music Video From the review of Alvin and the Chipmunks. August 12th, 2016
697 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 86 Pearl and Greg try to make amends, but is it too late to heal? August 13th, 2016
698 Tamara's Never Seen - Fifth Element Tamara has never seen Chris Tucker in his most glorious role! August 14th, 2016
699 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 87 Peridot is back and she's embracing her tiny side...sort of. August 14th, 2016
700 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 88 We all dread Lars episodes. Could this be the one that actually works? August 16th, 2016
701 Walter's Top 5 Best Sylvester Stallone Performances We're trying out a new show with Walter. Do you agree that these 5 roles are Stallone's best performances? August 18th, 2016
702 Tamara's Never Seen - The Fly Tamara gives her thoughts on The Fly. August 21st, 2016
703 Awesome Build - Mad Max: Joe Mask See How Jim made the Immortan Joe Mask For the NC Fury Road Review. August 23rd, 2016
704 Walter's Top 5 Worst Stallone Performances Here is Walter's Top 5 Worst Stallone performances. Are there any that are worse? August 25th, 2016
705 Tamara's Never Seen - Back to the Future Great Scott! Tamara's never seen Back to the Future! August 28th, 2016
706 Awesome Build - Mad Max: Furiosa Arm See How Jim made the Furiosa arm for the NC Fury Road Review. August 29th, 2016
707 Doug is Sick - No New Nostalgia Critic No new Nostalgia Critic until next week. Sorry :/ August 30th, 2016
708 Walter's Top 5 Best Jim Carrey Performances Here are Walter's favorite Jim Carrey performances, did yours make the list? September 1st, 2016
709 Tamara's Never Seen - Back to the Future II Tamara continues with the trilogy that she has never seen. Next up Back to the Future II. September 4th, 2016
710 Awesome Build - Mad Max Cars See how Jim made all the cars from the Mad Max Fury Road review. September 5th, 2016
711 Walter's Top 5 Worst Jim Carrey Performances Are these really the worst Jim Carrey performances? September 8th, 2016
712 Tamara's Never Seen - Back to the Future III Tamara concludes her viewing on the trilogy that she has never seen with Back to the Future III. September 11th, 2016
713 Awesome Build - Steampunk Mask See how Jim modifies a cheap mask into a steampunk mask and how he made the bloodbag mask for the Mad Max Fury Road Review. September 12th, 2016
714 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episode 89 Stevonnie makes a comeback to race against a Grade A jerk. Is it worth the fusion though? September 12th, 2016
715 Walter's Top 5 Tom Hanks Performances Walter counts down the Top 5 Best Tom Hanks roles in the newest edition of Top 5 Best. Did your favorites make the cut? September 15th, 2016
716 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episodes 90 & 91 Doug & Rob check out some more Steven Universe episodes. September 15th, 2016
717 Steven Universe Vlogs - Episodes 92 & 93 Doug & Rob are back for more Steven Universe episodes. September 17th, 2016
718 Tamara's Never Seen - Young Frankenstein Tamara's never seen Young Frankenstein. Have you? September 18th, 2016
719 Awesome Build - Prison Booth In this week's episode, see how Jim makes a prison visiting room booth. September 20th, 2016
720 Walter's Top 5 Worst Tom Hanks Performances Are these the worst of the worst for Tom Hanks? Did we miss one? September 22nd, 2016
721 Tamara's Never Seen - Blazing Saddles Tamara never saw Blazing Saddles, have you? September 25th, 2016
722 Awesome Build - Stop Motion Nostalgia-Ween In this weeks episode, see what went into the making of the stop motion animation opening for Nostalgia-Ween. September 26th, 2016
723 Walter's Top 5 Best Johnny Depp Performances These are Walter's Top 5 Best Johnny Depp performances, what are yours? September 29th, 2016
724 Tamara's Never Seen - The Evil Dead Tamara finally watches a horror masterpiece, The Evil Dead. Does it hold up? October 2nd, 2016
725 Awesome Build - Evil Dead Chainsaw Hand You guys requested it. Jim's Halloween build is Ash's Chainsaw hand from the Evil Dead films. It's his "Grooviest" build yet. October 3rd, 2016
726 Walter's Top 5 Worst Johnny Depp Performances These are the worst Johnny Depp performances in Walter's opinion. Did they match yours? October 6th, 2016
727 Tamara's Never Seen - Evil Dead 2 Tamara continues with the best horror franchise she has never seen. Next up Evil Dead 2. October 9th, 2016
728 Awesome Build - Freddy Krueger Glove Another fan request and Halloween favorite, see Jim turn a cheap costume store Freddy Krueger glove into a prop worthy of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. October 10th, 2016
729 Nostalgiaween/Gravity Falls Intro Comparison How close is this year's Nostalgiaween Intro to the Gravity Falls intro? October 10th, 2016
730 Walter's Top 5 Best Ben Affleck Performances These are Walter's Top 5 Favorite Ben Affleck Performances, what are yours? October 13th, 2016
731 Making of NC - Dreamcatcher Film Brain, cake shakes, and drenched pants, what else would you expect on a Nostalgia Critic shoot? October 15th, 2016
732 Tamara's Never Seen - Army of Darkness Tamara finishes off the trilogy with Army of Darkness. Is this the best one? October 16th, 2016
733 Awesome Build - MRI Box See Jim use his vacuform machine to make a prop for Synthetic Love, an indie feature film. October 17th, 2016
734 Walter's Top 5 Worst Ben Affleck Performances You've seen the Top 5 Best Ben Affleck Performances, now here are the worst. October 20th, 2016
735 Tamara's Never Seen - The Exorcist Tamara finally checks out this head turning horror flick. October 24th, 2016
736 Awesome Build - Spaceship Corridor Get ready for a huge Awesome Build this week because Jim is showing you how to build a Spaceship Corridor. October 24th, 2016
737 Walter's Top 5 Best Tom Cruise Performances Show me the Top 5 best Tom Cruise performances! October 27th, 2016
738 Tamara's Never Seen - The Blair Witch Movies Tamara has a special guest with her to tackle these shaky movies. October 30th, 2016
739 Awesome Build - Spaceship Corridor Part 2 This week find out how to turn the structure we built into a Space Corridor. November 1st, 2016
740 Walter's Top 5 Worst Tom Cruise Performances He has had a lot of good performances, but we can't forget these bad ones. November 4th, 2016
741 Tamara's Never Seen - The Terminator Tamara is joined by a special guest as she finally checks out the epic action flick, The Terminator. November 6th, 2016
742 Walter's Top 5 Best Jennifer Lawrence Performances This week Walter takes a look at Jennifer Lawrence best performances. November 10th, 2016
743 TMNT: Out of the Shadows Bloopers James, Andre, and Doug have some laughs while shooting the TMNT Out of the Shadows review. November 12th, 2016
744 Tamara's Never Seen - Terminator 2 Tamara is back with Terminator 2. Can this movie top the original? Find out! November 13th, 2016
745 Awesome Build - Spaceship Corridor Part 3 Jim shows you the final product for the Spaceship Corridor build. November 14th, 2016
746 Making of NC - TMNT: Out of the Shadows Find out what went into the making of the Out of the Shadows review. November 15th, 2016
747 Walter's Top 5 Worst Jennifer Lawrence Performances You seen the best of Jennifer Lawrence, now we take a look at Mystique's worst performances. November 17th, 2016
748 Tamara's Never Seen - Jaws Tamara is back with the Steven Spielberg classic, Jaws. November 20th, 2016
749 Awesome Build - Mold Making & Casting Jim shows you how to make rubber molds & casting plastics to recreate cool objects for your future builds. Great for effects artists, model makers, builders, & cosplayers. November 21st, 2016
750 Walter's Top 10 Best Robin Williams Performances Part 1 Everyone has been requesting this so let's take a look at the real Pan, Robin Williams. November 24th, 2016
751 Tamara's Never Seen - Creepshow Doug recommended Tamara watch Creepshow, but will the cheesiness be too much? November 27th, 2016
732 Awesome Build - Custom Paint Nerf Gun You requested it! See Jim custom paint a cheap Nerf gun to make a believable movie prop. November 29th, 2016
733 Walter's Top 10 Best Robin Williams Performances Part 2 Walter finishes off Robin Williams best performances with his five greatest roles. Did your favorite make it? December 1st, 2016
734 Tamara's Never Seen - Die Hard Tamara has never seen one of the best Christmas movies ever. Join Tamara as she gives you her review on Die Hard. December 4th, 2016
735 Awesome Build - Planet of the Apes Makeup Here is another one from the archives. See how Jim makes the apes makeup for the Planet of The Apes Review. December 6th, 2016
736 Walter's Top 5 Best Adam Sandler Performances Walter gives you his picks for Adam Sandlers best performances. December 8th, 2016
737 Tamara's Never Seen - Gremlins So...that was a movie. Join Tamara as she gives you her review on Gremlins. December 11th, 2016
738 Awesome Build - Jyn Erso's Blaster (Rogue One) Excited to see Star War Rogue One? Well, see Jim make Jyn Erso's blaster prop from the movie. December 12th, 2016
739 Walter's Top 5 Worst Adam Sandler Performances Adam, what happened to you? Walter gives you his picks for Adam Sandler's worst performances. December 15th, 2016
740 Tamara's Never Seen - Home Alone Tamara is joined by Jim to tackle this Christmas classic, Home Alone. December 18th, 2016
741 Awesome Build - Holiday Q&A Jim answers some of the most frequently asked questions in this special Holiday Q&A episode. December 19th, 2016
742 Walter's Top 5 Best Harrison Ford Performances Walter gives you his Top 5 Picks for Harrison Fords best performances. Did your favorite make it? December 22nd, 2016
743 Merry Christmas 2016 Doug wishes everyone great joy on a great day, as well as some helpful advice. December 25th, 2016
744 Tamara's Never Seen - Jingle All The Way PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN, NOW!! Tamara takes a look at Arnold Schwarzenegger's Christmas classic, Jingle All the Way. December 25th, 2016
745 Walter's Top 5 Worst Harrison Ford Performances Walter gives you his picks for Harrison Ford's Top 5 Worst Performances. See everyone in 2017! December 29th, 2016
746 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Review Bloopers Plenty of laughs to be had with Doug, Chris, and the Channel Awesome crew. January 1st, 2017
747 Making of NC - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Find out what went into the making of the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story review. January 1st, 2017
748 Tamara's Never Seen - Pulp Fiction Tamara finally watches one of Tarantino's best movies, Pulp Fiction. January 8th, 2017
749 Walter's Top 5 Best 90's Nicktoons Walter gives you his Top 5 picks for the BEST 90's Nicktoons. Do the classics like: Doug, Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, and Spongebob make it? Watch to find out. January 12th, 2017
750 Tamara's Never Seen - Saving Private Ryan Considered one of Spielberg's best movies, Tamara finally watches the epic war movie, Saving Private Ryan. January 15th, 2017
751 Walter's Top 5 Best 90's Cartoon Network Shows This week Walter gives you his Top 5 Best picks for 90s Cartoon Network Shows. Did some of your favorites like Space Ghost and Dexter's Laboratory make the list? Watch to find out! January 19th, 2017
752 Tamara's Never Seen - The Meteor Man Tamara is joined by Aiyanna & Heather to watch Robert Townsend's 1993 superhero comedy film, The Meteor Man. January 22nd, 2017
753 Walter's Top 5 Best John Williams Film Score John Williams is considered one of the best movie composers with notable works like: Jaws, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, and so much more. Walter gives you his Top 5 picks for John Williams best scores. January 26th, 2017
754 Tamara's Never Seen - Ferris Bueller's Day Off Tamara is sick, but that won't stop her from finally watching Ferris Bueller's Day off. Bueller... Bueller... January 29th, 2017
755 Doug's Sick - No Editorial No editorial this week while Doug recovers from the Norovirus. We will be back next week with the Garfield 2 review. January 31st. 2017
756 Walter's Top 5 Worst Denzel Washington Performances Walter switches it up a little bit on Top 5 as we start with Denzel Washington's worst performances. Does he even have any? February 2nd, 2017
757 Tamara's Never Seen - Groundhog Day Tamara sits down to watch one of Bill Murray's classics, Groundhog Day. Will Tamara like it? Does Ike approve? Watch the video to find out! February 5th, 2017
758 Walter's Top 5 Best Denzel Washington Performances It's almost impossible to make a Top 5 Best for Denzel Washington. This iconic actor has stared in countless hits like: Glory, American Gangster, Training Day, and his newest hit, Fences. Walter somehow narrows it down and gives you his picks for this weeks Top 5. February 9th, 2017
759 Tamara's Never Seen - John Wick With the new John Wick in theaters, Tamara takes a look at the first one to see if the hype is real. February 12th, 2017
760 Tamara Just Saw - John Wick: Chapter 2 Check out a new series with Tamara as she reviews movies that are currently in theaters. For the first movie Tamara checks out, John Wick: Chapter 2. February 13th, 2017
761 Walter's Top 5 Best Disney Animated Couples Love is in the air so Walter is counting down the Top 5 Best Disney Animated Movie Couples. February 16th, 2017
762 Tamara Just Saw - The Great Wall Tamara just saw and gives her thoughts on The Great Wall starring Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, Jing Tian and Willem Dafoe. February 19th, 2017
763 Tamara's Never Seen - Big Trouble in Little China What?!? Neither of them have seen Big Trouble in Little China? Tamara is joined by Doug so they both can finally see this classic. Also, hair and goatee flips for all. February 20th, 2017
764 Walter's Top 5 WWE Finishers This week Walter counts down his picks for Top 5 Worst WWE Finishers. Did he miss any? Let us know in the comments. February 23rd, 2017
765 Tamara's Never Seen - Beetlejuice We're sure Tamara's heard the phrase Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice but now she finally saw the movie. Tamara gives her thoughts on 1988's Beetlejuice, starring: Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin and Michael Keaton. February 25th, 2017
766 Tamara Just Saw - The Oscar Nominations Tamara is joined by a special guest to watch all the Oscar nominated movies and shorts to get ready for the big night. Is Manchester by the Sea good? Does La La Land deserve all the buzz? Find out! February 26th, 2017
767 Awesome Build - Tools to Get You Started It's been awhile, but Jim is back and he is talking about some of the tools to get you started if you are interested in being a Maker. February 27th, 2017
768 Walter's Top 5 WWE Finishers Walter is back with Top 5 Best WWE Finishers. Do some of the classics like Triple H's pedigree or Stone Cold's stunner make the list? Watch to find out! March 2nd, 2017
769 New Nostalgia Critic Intro (2017) Check out the new Nostalgia Critic intro before it's episode debut on Tuesday. March 3rd, 2017
770 Tamara's Never Seen - The NeverEnding Story Tamara is ready to be transported to a magical land by The NeverEnding Story. Does this movie hold up as well as everyone thinks? Will Tamara like it? Find out now! March 4th, 2017
771 Walter's Top 5 Best Samurai Jack Episodes With the new season of Samurai Jack coming to Adult Swin this weekend, Walter celebrates by giving you his Top 5 Best picks for Samurai Jack episodes. Did your favorite make the list? Find out! March 9th, 2017
772 Tamara's Never Seen - Spirited Away Here are Tamara's thoughts on the Studio Ghibli movie Spirited Away. March 11th, 2017
773 Tamara Just Saw - Kong: Skull Island Tamara and Jim just saw. Kong: Skull Island. Here are her thoughts on the movie. March 12th, 2017
774 Walter's Top 5 Worst Super Smash Bros. Stages Walter is joined by a special guest to count down the Top 5 Worst Super Smash Bros Stages. Did they miss a stage that you hate? Let us know in the comments below. March 16th, 2017
775 Tamara's Never Seen - Heathers Tamara has finally seen the 1989 movie Heathers. Here are her thoughts. March 18th, 2017
776 Tamara Just Saw - Beauty and the Beast (2017) Tamara is joined by a special guest to review Beauty and the Beast (2017) on a new Tamara Just Saw. Does the remake hold a candle to the 1991 Disney animated movie? March 19th, 2017
777 Awesome Build - Scratch Build Spaceship See how Jim turns some old containers and model parts into a sci-fi spaceship on a new Awesome Build. March 20th, 2017
778 Walter's Top 5 Worst Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episodes With the new movie coming out this week, Walter gives you his Top 5 Worst Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episodes. March 23rd, 2017
779 Balto - 1st Viewing Doug and Rob finally show their first reactions to a movie they review for Nostalgia Critic. Thankfully, Balto wasn't that bad, but it still leads to a lot of laughs. March 24th, 2017
780 2017 Conventions What states and countries are Doug going to this year? Watch the vid and find out! March 24th, 2017
781 Tamara's Never Seen - Rocky Tamara is joined by Walter as she finally see's Sylvester Stallone's, Rocky on Tamara's Never Seen. March 25th, 2017
782 Tamara Just Saw - Power Rangers Tamara and Cody just saw the new Power Rangers movie. Here is their thoughts. March 26th, 2017
783 Walter's Top 5 Best Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episodes Walter counts down his top 5 best picks for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episodes. Did your favorite episodes make the list? March 30th, 2017
784 Tamara's Never Seen - Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Tamara finally watches Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure on a new Tamara's Never Seen. And remember, be excellent to each other! April 1st, 2017
785 Tamara Just Saw - Ghost in the Shell Tamara and Cody check out the new Scarlett Johansson manga movie, Ghost in the Shell. Does it do the anime any justice? April 2nd, 2017
786 Top 5 Worst Walter Banasiak Performances Heather gives you her picks for Walter's Top 5 Worst Performances. An April Fools episode, just 3 days later! April 6th, 2017
787 Fant4stic - 1st Viewing Did Doug and Rob hate this from frame one, or did it actually start off okay and get worse? Fant4stic gets a 1st Viewing. April 7th, 2017
788 Tamara's Never Seen - RoboCop Tamara checks out the 1987 action film, RoboCop. What does she think of this 80s classic? Find out! April 8th, 2017
789 Tamara Just Saw - Smurfs: The Lost Village Tamara and Cody check out Smurfs: The Lost Village. Will this movie do the Smurfs justice? April 9th, 2017
790 Walter's Top 5 Worst Zack Snyder Movies Zack Snyder has polarized movie goers with his unique style that some people love and others hate. Walter gives you his picks for Top 5 Worst Zack Snyder Movies . April 13th, 2017
791 Tamara's Never Seen - The Thing Tamara finally watches one of the most requested films for her to see, John Carpenter's The Thing. April 16th, 2017
792 Tamara Just Saw - The Fate of the Furious Tamara and Cody check out the eighth installment from the Fast and the Furious franchise, The Fate of the Furious. April 17th, 2017
793 Walter's Top 5 Best Undertaker Matches With the Undertaker most likely having his last match, now is the perfect time for Walter to give you his Top 5 Best Undertaker matches. April 20th, 2017
794 Tamara's Never Seen - Stephen King's IT Tamara is joined by her brother Taylor to watch a Stephen King classic, IT. April 22nd, 2017
795 Tamara Just Saw - The Boss Baby The only giant robot in anime named after a nasal relief spray. April 23rd, 2017
796 Walter's Top 5 Best Nicholas Cage Performances Walter Counts down Nicolas Cage's best performances on a new Top 5. NOT THE BEES! April 27th, 2017
797 Tamara's Never Seen - Kiki's Delivery Service Tamara watches Studio Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service on a new Tamara's Never Seen. April 29th, 2017
798 Tamara Just Saw - The Circle Tamara checks out the new Emma Watson and Tom Hanks movie, The Circle. April 30th, 2017
799 Walter's Top 5 Worst Nicholas Cage Performances Walter gives his picks for Top 5 Worst Nicolas Cage Performances. Did we miss a classic Cage performance? Let us know in the comments. May 4th, 2017
800 Tamara's Never Seen - Kill Bill: Volume 2 Tamara finally watches Kill Bill: Volume 2 after all these years. Is it better than the first one? Find out now! May 6th, 2017
801 1st Viewing - The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas See Doug and Rob's first reaction seeing Gazoo. It's the stuff nightmares are made of. Here is the 1st Viewing of The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. May 7th, 2017
802 Tamara Just Saw - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Tamara and Cody just saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Here are their thoughts. May 7th, 2017
803 Awesome Build - Star-Lord Gun See Jim take a cheap Star-Lord gun and give it a cosplay ready paint job. May 8th, 2017
804 Walter's Top 5 Best Ridley Scott Movies Walter gives you his Top 5 picks for Ridley Scott's best movies. Did your favorite make the list? May 11th, 2017
805 Tamara's Never Seen - The Fugitive Tamara checks out a Harrison Ford classic, The Fugitive on a new Tamara's Never Seen. May 13th, 2017
806 Walter's Top 5 Worst Ridley Scott Movies You have seen his best now see Ridley Scott's worst movies. Did we miss any on this list? Let us know in the comments. May 19th, 2017
807 1st Viewing - Suicide Squad Did Doug and Rob get as angry with this movie as they did in the Nostalgia Critic review? See their first take on the DC mess of Suicide Squad. May 19th, 2017
808 Making of NC - Suicide Squad It was a long shoot, but there were a lot of laughs. See what went into making Nostalgia Critic's review of the DC hit, Suicide Squad. May 19th, 2017
809 Tamara's Never Seen - The Mask Tamara finally watches a Jim Carrey classic, The Mask. May 20th, 2017
810 Suicide Squad Bloopers Everybody makes mistakes, even "Bad Guys." Here's some of the goof ups from Nostalgia Critic's review of Suicide Squad. May 20th, 2017
811 Tamara Just Saw - Alien: Covenant Tamara, Cody, and Taylor just saw the new Ridley Scott movie, Alien: Covenant. Does the sequel to Prometheus hold up? May 21st, 2017
812 Audience Screening - NC Review of Suicide Squad Did you miss the Suicide Squad review on the big screen? No biggie, you can feel like you were by hearing their reactions. May 22nd, 2017
813 Walter's Top 5 Best Stan Lee Cameos Walter is joined by some special guests to count down Stan Lee's best cameos. Did your favorite cameo make the list? May 25th, 2017
814 Tamara's Never Seen - Escape From New York Tamara never saw the 1981 John Carpenter movie Escape From New York before. Here are her thoughts. May 27th, 2017
815 Tamara Just Saw - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Tamara and Cody just saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Does this franchise just need to end? May 28th, 2017
816 Awesome Build - Suicide Squad See how the costumes and props came together for the Nostalgia Critic Suicide Squad Review. May 29th, 2017
817 Walter's Top 5 Best Dragonball Z Transformations Walter is joined by Malcolm to count down the Top 5 Best DBZ Transformations. Did your favorite make the list? June 1st, 2017
818 Tamara's Never Seen - Watership Down Tamara checks out the 1978 animated adventure, Watership Down. June 3rd, 2017
819 Tamara Just Saw - Wonder Woman Has DC finally hit their stride? Tamara and Cody check out the new super hero movie, Wonder Woman. June 4th, 2017
820 Walter's Top 5 Best 90's Nickelodeon Shows Walter & Tamara count down the Top 5 Best 90s Nickelodeon Shows. Will your favorite make the list? Find out now! June 8th, 2017
821 1st Viewing - Alien vs. Predator Did Doug and Rob have a rough reaction or a soft reaction to the crowd splitting AVP? Watch and find out. June 9th, 2017
822 Steven Universe Vlogs - End of Season 3 They're back! Rob and Doug take a look at the suspenseful last third of Season 3. It's time for some Steven Universe. June 9th, 2017
823 Tamara's Never Seen - Death Note Tamara gives her thoughts on the live action Death Note as well as the anime, on this episode of Tamara's Never Seen. June 10th, 2017
824 Tamara Just Saw - Captain Underpants Tamara and Cody check out Dreamworks Animation's, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. June 11th, 2017
825 Walter's Top 5 Best Pixar Movies Walter counts down the Top 5 Best Pixar movies this week. Does your favorite Pixar movie make the list? Find out now! June 15th, 2017
826 Tamara's Never Seen - The Crow Tamara gives her thoughts on the cult classic, The Crow. Does this film hold up well? Find out now! June 17th, 2017
827 Tamara Just Saw - Cars 3 Tamara and Cody check out Pixar's newest animated movie, Cars 3. Is this it for Lightning McQueen? June 18th, 2017
828 Walter's Top 5 Best Beast Wars Episodes Walter gives his picks for Top 5 Best episodes of Beast Wars. Did your favorite make the list? Find out now! June 22nd, 2017
829 Wonder Woman Review Bloopers A lot of work can also get a lot of laughs. The Nostalgia Critic crew give their funniest screw ups while filming the Wonder Woman review. June 23rd, 2017
830 Tamara's Never Seen - Ghostbusters Tamara gives her thoughts on the original Ghostbusters for the one year anniversary episode of Tamara's Never Seen. June 24th, 2017
831 Tamara Just Saw - Transformers: The Last Knight Tamara and Cody check out Transformers 5 (The Last Knight) on a new Tamara Just Saw. June 25th, 2017
832 Making of NC - Wonder Womman It was a hot day in a hot building, but literal sweat and tears won't get in the way of fighting for our rights in satin tights. June 25th, 2017
833 Awesome Build - Dr. Poison Mask See how Jim took a cheap Halloween mask and made the Dr. Poison Mask for the Nostalgia Critic review of Wonder Woman. June 26th, 2017
834 Walter's Top 5 Worst Michael Bay Movies With the newest Transformers movie out, Walter counts down Michael Bay's worst movies on a new Top 5. June 29th, 2017
835 Doug Tries Oreo O's and Cinnabon Cereal Two nostalgic cereals are back on the market, one Doug loved and one Doug hated. After years of avoiding them Doug sees if these sugar coated hyper pellets leave as big an impact as he remembered. June 29th, 2017
836 Tamara's Never Seen - Judge Dredd Tamara just saw Judge Dredd. Are her thoughts similar to the Nostalgia Critic's review of it? July 1st, 2017
837 Tamara Just Saw - Despicable Me 3 Tamara and Cody check out Despicable Me 3 on a new episode of Tamara Just Saw. July 2nd, 2017
838 Awesome Build - Wonder Woman See How Jim and Barney Walker created some of the props and costumes for the Wonder Women Review. July 3rd, 2017
839 Walter's Top 5 Best Nostalgia Critic Episodes To celebrate TEN YEARS of the Nostalgia Critic, Walter counts down the Top 5 Best Nostalgia Critic Episodes voted on by the fans. July 6th, 2017
840 Nostalgia Critic: The 10 Year Talk The cast & crew talk about the 10 year anniversary of the Nostalgia Critic. July 6th, 2017
841 1st Viewing - Norm of the North It's a movie so bad you'll pray the polar ice caps are melting. Doug and Rob give their first reactions to the animated dead zone. July 7th, 2017
842 10 Years of Nostalgia Critic Doug talks about playing Nostalgia Critic for TEN amazing years! You all make it possible and we couldn't be more thankful! July 7th, 2017
843 Tamara's Never Seen - Dredd After finally watching Judge Dredd last week, Tamara checks out the 2012 science fiction action film, Dredd. July 8th, 2017
844 Tamara Just Saw - Baby Driver Tamara checks out the new Edgar Wright action film, Baby Driver. July 9th, 2017
845 Walter's Top 5 Worst Marvel Movies Top 5 is back as Walter counts down the Top 5 Worst Marvel Movies. July 13th, 2017
846 Tamara's Never Seen - Demolition Man A movie with Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes where Taco Bell survived the franchise wars. Tamara finally checks out, Demolition Man. July 15th, 2017
847 Tamara Just Saw - Spider-Man: Homecoming Tamara & Malcolm check out Spider-Man: Homecoming on a new Tamara Just Saw. July 16th, 2017
848 Walter's Top 5 Best Spider-Man Animated Episodes Spider-Walt gives you his Top 5 Best picks for Spider-Man The Animated Series episodes. Did your favorite make the list? Find out! July 20th, 2017
849 Tamara's Never Seen - Scott Pilgrim Tamara finally saw Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Find out what she thought about the movie! July 22nd, 2017
850 Tamara Just Saw - War of the Planet of the Apes Tamara & Cody check out War for the Planet of the Apes. Is this third installment in the Planet of the Apes reboot series any good? Find out now! July 23rd, 2017
851 Walter's Top 5 Worst Power Rangers Zeo Episodes Walter counts down the 5 worst Power Rangers Zeo Episodes. July 27th, 2017
852 1st Viewing - Tom and Jerry & Willy Wonka Doug and Rob's Dad join the group this time, as they look over the most pointless of cinematic combos, Tom and Jerry and Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. July 28th, 2017
853 Tamara's Never Seen - They Live Tamara gives her thoughts on the movie They Live. July 29th, 2017
854 Tamara Just Saw - The Emoji Movie Tamara and Cody check out The Emoji Movie. Who asked for this movie to be made? July 30th, 2017
855 Walter's Top 5 Best Power Rangers Zeo Episodes Walter counts down the Top 5 Best Power Rangers Zeo episodes. Is your favorite on the list? Find out now! August 3rd, 2017
856 Steven Universe Vlogs - First Half of Season 4 Who is Blue Diamond? What is she up to? Doug and Rob take a look at the first half of Steven Universe's fourth season. August 3rd, 2017
857 1st Viewing - Monkeybone Monkey see Monkey don't. Doug and Rob give their first reactions to this cinematic nightmare, Monkeybone. August 4th, 2017
858 Tamara's Never Seen - Shaun of the Dead Tamara checks out a Simon Pegg classic, Shaun of the Dead. August 5th, 2017
859 Tamara Just Saw - Dark Tower Tamara and Tamara just saw Dark Tower. Was it as bad as the reviews? August 6th, 2017
860 Orbit Report - Karate Kid Sequel Series? We are trying out a new Movie/TV/Pop Culture news show. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below. August 9th, 2017
861 Tamara's Never Seen - Hot Fuzz Tamara is back with another Simon Pegg & Nick Frost movie, Hot Fuzz. August 12th, 2017
862 Tamara Just Saw - Annabelle: Creation Tamara and Cody just saw Annabelle Creation. Scary? Good? Here are their thoughts. August 13th, 2017
863 Orbit Report - Joss Whedon's Justice League Overhaul Aiyanna & Heather are back with this weeks entertainment and pop culture news. August 16th, 2017
864 Walter's Top 5 Best Batman Animated Movies August 17th, 2017
865 Making of NC - The Sorcerer's Apprentice See Corey Taylor, Tony Goldmark, Rob Scallon, and the rest of the gang laugh it up in the latest Cage review. August 18th, 2017
866 Tamara's Never Seen - The World's End Tamara finishes up the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy with, The World's End. Does this trilogy finish strong? August 19th, 2017
867 Tamara Just Saw - The Hitman's Bodyguard Tamara checks out The Hitman's Bodyguard staring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. August 20th, 2017
868 Orbit Report - Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie Is the Star Wars franchise about to grow some more with a new Obi-Wan Kenobi movie? Tamara & Malcolm talk Star Wars, Marvel's The Defenders, and more! August 23rd, 2017
869 Walter's Top 5 Best Christopher Nolan Movies Walter gives you his picks for Top 5 best Christopher Nolan movies. Did your favorite Nolan movie make the list? Find out now! August 24th, 2017
870 Tamara's Never Seen - Planet of the Apes (1968) Tamara checks out the original Planet of the Apes on a new episode of Tamara's Never Seen. August 26th, 2017
871 Tamara Just Saw - Logan Lucky Tamara checks out Logan Lucky on a new Tamara Just Saw. August 27th, 2017
872 Orbit Report - Joker Original Movie Heather & Aiyanna are at Wizard World Chicago talking about Marvel's The Defenders, The Tick, new show trailers and castings as well as the biggest news of the week, a Joker Origins movie. August 30th, 2017
873 Walter's Top 5 Worst Original Pokemon Walter is joined by special guest Heather to discuss their picks for Top 5 Worst Original Pokemon. August 31st, 2017
874 Tamara's Never Seen - Brazil Tamara is joined by Malcolm to watch one of Doug's favorite movies, Brazil. September 2nd, 2017
875 Tamara Just Saw - Death Note (2017) Tamara & Cody check out Netflix's newest release, Death Note. September 3rd, 2017
876 Orbit Report - Leonardo DiCaprio as The Joker? Heather and Bryan talk about the rumor of Leonardo DiCaprio playing Joker in the origin movie, Destiny 2 trailer, The Crow reboot, Harry Potter, and more! September 6th, 2017
877 Walter's Top 5 Best Alternate Versions of Superman Walter gives you his picks for Top 5 Best Alternate Versions of Superman. September 7th, 2017
878 Tamara's Never Seen - Starship Troopers Tamara checks out Starship Troopers on a new episode of Tamara's Never Seen. Would you like to know more? September 9th, 2017
879 Tamara Just Saw - It (2017) Tamara, Cody, & Jake check out It (2017) and see if the hype surrounding this movie is real. September 10th, 2017
880 Orbit Report - Star Wars IX Loses Director Heather & Aiyanna talk about Star Wars Episode IX losing it's director, Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, The Magic School Bus, Neo Yokio, and more on this episode of Orbit Report. September 13th, 2017
881 Walter's Top 5 Worst Disney Animated Movie Villains Walter counts down his picks for Top 5 Worst Disney Animated Movie Villains. Did we miss any on this list? September 14th, 2017
882 Tamara's Never Seen - Trainspotting Tamara checks out Trainspotting with Jory on a new Tamara's Never Seen. September 16th, 2017
883 Tamara Just Saw - Mother! Tamara and Cody check out Mother! on a new Tamara Just Saw. Is this movie as great as everyone is saying? September 17th, 2017
884 Orbit Report - New Disaster Heather & Aiyanna talk Disaster Artist, Game of Thrones, J.J. Abrams, Frozen The Broadway Musical, and more! September 20th, 2017
885 Walter's Top 5 Best Full House Episodes Walter counts down his Top 5 favorite episodes from one of the biggest sitcoms of the 80s/90s, Full House. September 21st, 2017
886 Tamara's Never Seen - A League of Their Own There's no crying in baseball! Tamara checks out A League of Their Own on a new Tamara's Never Seen. September 23rd, 2017
887 Tamara Just Saw - The Lego Ninjago Movie Tamara checks out The LEGO Ninjago Movie on a new Tamara Just Saw. September 24th, 2017
888 Orbit Report - CW's Crisis on Earth X Aiyanna & Heather talk new trailers for Tomb Raider, Punisher, and Isle of Dogs as well as CW's Crisis on Earth X and more on a new Orbit Report. September 27th, 2017
889 Walter's Top 5 Worst Full Episodes It's time for the Top 5 Worst Full House Episodes with help from some very special guests! September 28th, 2017
890 1st Viewing - Green Lantern Doug and Rob had a hard time getting through this one. Can they make this dull mess more interesting than it is? Here are Doug and Rob first thoughts on the Green Lantern movie. September 29th, 2017
891 Tamara's Never Seen - Howard the Duck Tamara checks out Howard the Duck on a new Tamara's Never Seen. This movie is something. September 30th, 2017
892 Orbit Report - Hocus Pocus Remake Heather talks Hocus Pocus remake, Men in Black, Flight of the Navigator, Justice League, and more on a new Orbit Report. October 4th, 2017
893 Walter's Top 5 Best Goosebumps Episodes It's October and Walter is here with his favorite Goosebumps episodes. Did your favorites make the list? October 5th, 2017
894 1st Viewing - Kangaroo Jack Doug and Rob are drunk off their asses. No joke. Will their comments be even funnier? Well, they'll certainly be slurred. Here are Doug and Rob's first thoughts on Kangaroo Jack. October 6th, 2017
895 Tamara's Never Seen - Rosemary's Baby Tam-Tober Fest kicks off with Rosemary's Baby. Does this horror classic still hold up? October 7th, 2017
896 Tamara Just Saw - Blade Runner 2049 Tamara checks out Blade Runner 2049 on a new Tamara Just Saw. Was this sequel worth the wait? October 8th, 2017
897 Orbit Report - Batman Ninja Anime Movie Heather & Aiyanna talk Batman Ninja anime movie as well as new trailers from Runaways, Happy!, Electric Dreams, Pacific Rim 2, and more on a new Orbit Report. October 11th, 2017
898 Walter's Top 5 Worst Goosebumps Episodes Continuing the Halloween theme, Walter gives us his picks for Top 5 Worst Goosebumps Episodes. October 12th, 2017
899 Making of NC - It (2017) It's two Pennywises for the price of one! See what went into making the over the top review of the smash hit It. October 13th, 2017
900 Tamara's Never Seen - Scream Tam-Tober Fest continues with Scream on a new Tamara's Never Seen. October 14th, 2017
901 Tamara Just Saw - My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) Tamara checks out the new My Little Pony movie on a new Tamara Just Saw. October 15th, 2017
902 It (2017) Review Bloopers Just because it's a scary movie doesn't mean we can't clown around in the review. Here are some of the laughs that happened on set. October 16th, 2017
903 Orbit Report - Stranger Things 2 Trailer Heather & Aiyanna talk trailers for Stranger Things 2, Star Wars, and The New Mutants as well as news on an Adam's Family animated movie, Gambit, and more on a new Orbit Report. October 18th, 2017
904 Walter's Top 5 Best Are You Afraid of the Dark? Episodes Walter counts down the Top 5 best of one of Nickelodeon's best shows, Are You Afraid of the Dark? October 19th, 2017
905 Audience Screening - Nostalgia Critic's Review of It (2017) Weren't able to make it to the big screen premiere of the It review? Well here's the audience reaction to make you feel like you were there! October 20th, 2017
906 Tamara's Never Seen - Poltergeist (1982) Tam-Tober Fest continues with another horror classic, Poltergeist (1982). October 21st, 2017
907 Tamara Just Saw - Geostorm Tamara checks out the new Gerard Butler movie, Geostorm. October 22nd, 2017
908 Orbit Report - Black Panther Trailer Aiyanna & Heather talk casting news for Titans and Hellboy as well as new trailers for Battlefront 2, Punisher, and Black Panther on a new Orbit Report. October 25th, 2017
909 Walter's Top 5 Worst Are You Afraid of the Dark? Episodes You saw the best last week, now Walter gives you his picks for worst Are you Afraid of the Dark episodes. October 26th, 2017
910 1st Viewing - The Mummy (1999) What was Doug and Rob's take seeing the Brendan Fraser Mummy after so many years? October 27th, 2017
911 Tamara's Never Seen - Hellraiser Tam-Tober Fest continues with a horror classic, Hellraiser. October 28th, 2017
912 Tamara Just Saw - Jigsaw Tamara & Cody check out newest installment in the Saw franchise, Jigsaw. October 29th, 2017
913 Orbit Report - Deathstroke Movie Announced Heather & Aiyanna talk about new trailers for Alien Invasion: S.U.M. 1, Mudbound, and Bright as well as a solo movie for Deathstroke. November 1st, 2017
914 Walter's Top 5 Best Are You Afraid of the Dark? Monsters Happy Halloween! Walter counts down the Top 5 best Are you Afraid of the Dark monsters on this scary day! November 2nd, 2017
915 1st Viewing - The Mummy (2017) The box office bomb angered a lot of people. Were Doug and Rob just as angry at The Mummy (2017)? November 3rd, 2017
916 Tamara's Never Seen - Super Mario Bros. Tamara finally saw the Super Mario Bros movie. Does she hold the same opinion on it that the Nostalgia Critic holds? November 4th, 2017
917 Tamara Just Saw - Thor: Ragnarok Tamara & Cody check out Marvel's newest movie, Thor: Ragnarok. Does Marvel have another hit with this movie? November 5th, 2017
918 Orbit Report - Final Disaster Artist Trailer Aiyanna & Heather talk about the new trailers for Downsizing & The Disaster Artist as well as casting news for Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & the new Lion King live action movie. November 8th, 2017
919 Walter's Top 5 Best Marvel Movies Walter gives his picks for the Top 5 Best Marvel Movies. What are your favorite Marvel movies? November 9th, 2017
920 Making of NC - Dragonball Evolution The crazy antics that went into making this crazy Dragonball crossover. How many times can they laugh at 3-D pipes? November 10th, 2017
921 Tamara's Never Seen - Garbage Pail Kids Tamara continues NOvember and checks out Garbage Pail Kids. Does she hate it as much as Doug Walker? November 11th, 2017
922 Tamara Just Saw - Murder on the Orient Express Tamara & Jake check out Murder on the Orient Express. Is this star studded movie a hit? November 12th, 2017
923 Orbit Report - New Star Wars Trilogy Announced Aiyanna & Heather talk about the announcement of the new Star Wars trilogy, new posters for Deadpool 2 & Black Panther and much more on a new Orbit Report. November 15th, 2017
924 Walter's Top 5 Best Justice League Episodes With the Justice League film coming out soon Walter counts down his picks for Top 5 best Justice League episodes. Did your favorites make the list? November 16th, 2017
925 Tamara's Never Seen - The Last Airbender Tamara continues NOvember with M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender. Will she survive this horrible movie? Find out now! November 18th, 2017
926 Tamara Just Saw - Justice League Tamara and Jake check out the newest DC movie, Justice League. November 19th, 2017
927 Orbit Report - The Disaster Artist Review Aiyanna talks about new trailers for The Incredibles 2, A Quiet Place, and Deadpool 2 as well as a review of The Disaster Artist on a new Orbit Report. November 22nd, 2017
928 Walter's Top 5 Best Hey Arnold! Episodes Walter is joined by Tamara to discuss their picks for Top 5 Best Hey Arnold! Episodes. November 23rd, 2017
929 1st Viewing - Dragonball Evolution It pissed off fans everywhere, but were Rob and Doug as angry at the disastrous anime adaptation? Let's take a look at Dragonball Evolution. November 24th, 2017
930 Tamara's Never Seen - Troll 2 Tamara finally checks out one of the best worst movies ever, Troll 2. Oh my GOOOOOOOODDDDDD! November 25th, 2017
931 Disneycember 2017 Preview What is the theme of this year's Disneycember? Click on the link and see what Doug is going to check out this year! November 25th, 2017
932 Tamara Just Saw - Coco Tamara checks out Pixars newest animated film, Coco. Did Pixar create another classic? Find out now! November 26th, 2017
933 1 Million Subscribers Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way! We are beyond grateful for each and every one of you! November 27th, 2017
934 Orbit Report - Harley Quinn Animated Series Announced Aiyanna and Heather talk casting news for Captain Marvel and Gambit, trailers for A Wrinkle in Time and the announcement for a Harley Quinn animated series on a new Orbit Report. November 29th, 2017
935 Walter's Top 5 Best/Worst The Room Moments Oh Hai YouTube! Walter & Aiyanna give you their picks for Top 5 Best/Worst The Room moments. November 30th, 2017
936 Is Olaf's Adventure Worth the Hate? People loved Coco but hated the Frozen short before it. Are people overreacting or is it really as bad as they say? Doug gives his thoughts on Olaf's Frozen Adventure. December 1st, 2017
937 Tamara's Never Seen - Star Wars Holiday Special Tamara kicks off December with Star Wars Holiday Special. Is it as bad as everyone says it is? Find out now! December 2nd, 2017
938 Tamara Just Saw - The Disaster Artist Oh hi viewers! Tamara checks out The Disaster Artist on a new Tamara Just Saw. December 3rd, 2017
939 Orbit Report - Avengers Infinity War Trailer Breakdown Heather & Aiyanna talk casting news for Mulan as well as the new trailers for All the Money in the World & Avengers: Infinity War. December 6th, 2017
940 Walter's Top 5 Worst Star Wars Prequels Moments Get your podracers ready- Walter gives you his picks for Top 5 Worst Star Wars Prequel moments. December 7th, 2017
941 Every NC Christmas Opening Now you can see every crazy introduction Nostalgia Critic has done for Christmas! From the simple and jolly to the deadly insane! Nostalgia Critic's Christmas Greetings are anything but plain and dull. December 8th, 2017
942 Tamara's Never Seen - Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Here we go! Tamara finally watches a Christmas classic, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. December 9th, 2017
943 Tamara Just Saw - Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie Tamara and Taylor check out the new Nickelodeon movie, Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie. December 10th, 2017
944 Save Net Neutrality Go to and help save Net Neutrality! December 12th, 2017
945 Orbit Report - Ryan Reynolds As Pikachu Heather & Aiyanna talk Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu, a possible Quentin Tarantino Star Trek movie, the Game Awards for 2017 , and more on a new Orbit Report. December 13th, 2017
946 Walter's Top 5 Best Star Wars Prequels Moments The prequel some good moments, right? Walter gives you his picks for Top 5 Best Star Wars Prequel Moments. December 14th, 2017
947 Tamara's Never Seen - Scrooged Tamara checks out another Christmas classic, Scrooged. Does this 80s Bill Murray film still hold up? December 16th, 2017
948 Tamara Just Saw - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Tamara gives her thoughts on the new Star Wars film which seems to have mixed reviews. Is The Last Jedi good? Find out now! December 17th, 2017
949 St. Jude's Charity Stream Come out this Wednesday (December 20th) at 6pm CST right here! Special guests Chris Stuckmann and Brad Jones will also be joining us. December 17th, 2017
950 Nostalgia Critic Christmas Opening Jim shows you how the Christmas sword and alien queen were made for this years Nostalgia Critic Christmas opening. December 18th, 2017
951 Orbit Report - Disney Buys 21st Century Fox Aiyanna & Heather talk Ready Player One, She-Ra on Netflix, and the biggest news from this past week, Disney will acquire the majority of assets from 21st Century Fox. December 20th, 2017
952 Channel Awesome 2017 Charity Drive for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital We had a blast raising money for this awesome charity and talking to all the fans. December 21st, 2017
953 Walter's Top 5 Worst Star Wars Original Trilogy Moments Star Wars month continues! Walter gives his picks for Top 5 Worst Original Trilogy Moments. December 21st, 2017
954 Tamara's Never Seen - It's a Wonderful Life Christmas is almost here so Tamara breaks out a classic, It's a Wonderful Life. December 23rd, 2017
955 Tamara Just Saw - Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Tamara and Taylor check out Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle on a new Tamara Just Saw. December 24th, 2017
956 Christmas Greeting 2017 Just wanted to say thank you to everyone watching and supporting us. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! December 25th, 2017
957 Quick Batch of Announcements This is a general update video about the NC being late, the theme month being changed, and the charity donations still being open (I said it'd be open a few more days, does that work?). December 26th, 2017
958 Orbit Report - The Awesome Stream Want only Doug in your videos? Don't worry The Awesome Stream has you covered! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! December 27th, 2017
959 Walter's Top 5 Best Star Wars Original Trilogy Moments Walter is joined by special guest HelloGreedo to count down their picks for Top 5 Best Star Wars Original Trilogy Moments. December 28th, 2017
960 Making of NC - Star Wars: The Last Jedi With Chris Stuckmann and Brad Jones to help out, there's a lot of strangeness to be had, as well as a lot of fun. December 29th, 2017
961 Tamara's Never Seen - Black Christmas Tamara and Sally check out the 2006 version of Black Christmas. Is this slasher film any good? December 30th, 2017
962 Tamara Just Saw - The Shape of Water Tamara and Taylor check out Guillermo del Toro's newest film, The Shape of Water. December 31st, 2017
963 Orbit Report - Bumblebee Movie First Look Heather & Aiyanna talk trailers for Mom and Dad & Black Lightning as well as Black Mirror season 4 and a first look at the Bumblebee movie. January 3rd, 2018
964 Walter's Top 5 Best '90s Nickelodeon Game Shows You can't have 90's Nickelodeon without the game shows. Walter gives his picks for Top 5 Best '90s Nickelodeon Game Shows. DO DO DO you have it? January 4th, 2018
965 Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review Bloopers Doug, Chris, and Brad had a ton of fun on this review, and a lot of screw ups. Check out the laughs here. January 5th, 2018
966 Tamara's Never Seen - Adventures in Babysitting Tamara and family just saw Adventures in Babysitting. Plus we finally find out why Tamara never saw any movies growing up. January 6th, 2018
967 Tamara Just Saw - Insidious: The Last Key Tamara checks out the newest installment of the Insidious franchise, Insidious: The Last Key. January 7th, 2018
968 Orbit Report - New Animaniacs Series Heather & Aiyanna talk new trailers for Slenderman and Game Over Man! as well as news about the new Animaniacs reboot coming to Hulu. January 10th, 2018
969 Walter's Top 5 Best Disney Animated Movie Villains Thanks to your votes, Walter counts down his picks for Top 5 Best Disney Animated Movie Villains. January 11th, 2018
970 1st Viewing - Home Alone 2 Doug and Rob were pretty hard on it in the Nostalgia Critic review, but do they really get that angry at the hit sequel? Doug and Rob do a 1st Viewing on Home Alone 2. January 12th, 2018
971 Tamara's Never Seen - Cool Runnings It's bobsled time! Tamara finally checks out a 90s classic, Cool Runnings. January 13th, 2018
972 Tamara Just Saw - Paddington 2 Tamara checks out Paddington 2 and wonders why she likes this movie so much. January 14th, 2018
973 Orbit Report - Deadpool 2 Release Date Changed Heather and Aiyanna talk about the new trailer for Braven, HBO's Mosaic, a John Wick TV show spin-off, & the new release date for Deadpool 2. January 17th, 2018
974 Walter's Top 5 Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Performances On this week's Top 5, Walter counts down his favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger performances. January 18th, 2018
975 Christmas Intro with No Keying Ever wonder what some of our special effects look like with only the greenscreen? Take a look at the awkwardness when all the keying is taken out. January 19th, 2018
976 Tamara's Never Seen - Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Tamara checks out Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery on a new Tamara's Never Seen. January 20th, 2018
977 Doug's Top 10 Crying Moments Ever wonder what movies, TV shows, or other entertainment make Doug tear up? These are the moments that make him sob like nobody's business. January 23rd, 2018
978 Tamara's Never Seen - Robin Hood: Men in Tights Tamara checks out the 1993 musical comedy classic, Robin Hood: Men in Tights. January 27th, 2018
979 Tamara Just Saw - The Greatest Showman Tamara, Malcolm, Rob & Doug give their thoughts on The Greatest Showman. Is this musical any good? Find out now! January 28th, 2018
980 1st Viewing - Yogi Bear The Yogi Bear cartoon didn't have a big impact on Doug or Rob, does the movie do any better? Here's their first reactions. February 2nd, 2018
981 Orbit Report - Nintendo LABO Announced Heather & Aiyanna talk trailers for Ant-Man and the Wasp, Disobedience, and Mute as well as Nintendo LABO on a new episode of Orbit Report. February 7th, 2018
982 Walter's Top 5 Worst Arnold Schwarzenegger Performances This week we count down the Top 5 Worst Arnold Schwarzenegger Performances on this week's Top 5! February 8th, 2018
983 Orbit Report - Kim Possible Live Action Movie Heather & Aiyanna talk about a Kim Possible live action movie, trailers for Solo: A Star Wars Story, Venom, Deadpool 2 & more on a new Orbit Report. February 14th, 2018
984 Walter's Top 5 Best The Legend of Zelda Games Heather & Aiyanna count down their picks for Top 5 Best The Legend of Zelda Games. February 15th, 2018
985 1st Viewing - Batman Forever Doug and Rob haven't seen Batman Forever in a long time. Is it as bad as they remember or are there some redeeming moments? February 16th, 2018
986 Tamara's Never Seen - Titanic Tamara is back and ready to watch a James Cameron classic, Titanic. Does the film hold up? Find out now! February 17th, 2018
987 Tamara Just Saw - Black Panther Tamara and Malcolm check out Marvel's Black Panther. Does this movie deserve all the hype? Find out now! February 18th, 2018
988 Orbit Report - Willy Wonka Prequel Movie Heather & Aiyanna talk movie trailers for Cobra Kai, Bad Samaritan, & The Incredibles 2 as well as news on the Willy Wonka Prequel movie. February 21st, 2018
989 Top 5 Worst Comic Book Movie Castings Aiyanna & Heather count down their picks for Top 5 Worst Comic Book Movie Castings. February 22nd, 2018
990 Tamara's Never Seen - The Simpsons: Season 1 Tamara and Taylor check out the first season of The Simpsons. Does this cartoon age well? Find out now! February 24th, 2018
991 Tamara Just Saw - Annihilation Tamara checks out the science fantasy horror film, Annihilation. Is this movie worth checking out? Find out now! February 25th, 2018
992 Orbit Report - ReBoot: The Guardian Code Trailer Heather & Aiyanna talk about the live action Sonic and Pinocchio movies, Lost in Space, and ReBoot: The Guardian Code. February 28th, 2018
993 Top 5 Best Disney Animated Movie Songs Aiyanna & Heather count down the Top 5 Best Disney Animated Movie Songs. Does your favorite song make the list? Find out now! March 1st, 2018
994 1st Viewing - Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked How did the Chipmunks become such a difficult thing to watch? Doug and Rob try to stomach through their island adventure. Here are their first thoughts on Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked. March 2nd, 2018
995 Tamara's Never Seen - Brokeback Mountain Tamara checks out Brokeback Mountain on a new Tamara's Never Seen. March 3rd, 2018
996 Tamara Just Saw - Oscars 2018 Tamara gives her opinions and picks for this years Oscars. What were your favorite movies for 2017? March 4th, 2018
997 Orbit Report - Rocketeer Animated Reboot Heather & Aiyanna talk about the Rocketeer animated reboot, Stranger Things season 3, Avengers Infinity War, & more on a new Orbit Report. March 7th, 2018
998 Top 5 Worst Power Rangers Turbo Episodes Top 5 counts down the Worst Power Rangers Turbo Episodes with some special guests and maybe find out where Walter has been all this time. March 8th, 2018
999 Tamara's Never Seen - The Lost Boys Neither Tamara or Doug have seen Joel Schumacher's, The Lost Boys. It's time to change that on a new Tamara's Never Seen. March 10th, 2018
1000 Tamara Just Saw - A Wrinkle in Time Tamara checks out Disney's newest film, A Wrinkle in Time. Does Disney have another hit on their hands? Find out now! March 11th, 2018
1001 Top 5 Best Power Rangers Turbo Episodes The best episodes of Power Rangers Turbo are counted down on a new Top 5, but Dino Rob has other ideas. March 15th, 2018
1002 1st Viewing - Alice Through the Looking Glass Such a dumb sequel to an already dumb film. Did Doug and Rob have that reaction the first time they saw Alice: Through the Looking Glass. March 16th, 2018
1003 Tamara's Never Seen - Legend (1985) Tamara and Doug check out Ridley Scott's 1985 dark fantasy adventure film, Legend. March 17th, 2018
1004 Tamara Just Saw - Tomb Raider Tamara checks out the new Tomb Raider movie. Will this finally do video game movies justice? Find out now! March 18th, 2018