Star Trek/X-Men #1

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April 5, 2010
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To Boldly Go Where- Wait, X-Men and Star Trek? Seriously?

Linkara: (standing in his living room) Hello, and welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn. Well, I'm finally giving in to peer pressure and reviewing the Twilight comic. Admittedly, I'm getting kinda sick of all the requests for Twilight. I mean, in a few years, it's gonna be–

(Suddenly, he gets interrupted by a beeping sound; he digs into his coat and pulls out a Star Trek badge and looks at it)

Linkara: Oh, ah, geeze, one second. I got– I gotta take care of this.

(He walks off; he then walks into the hallway, wearing a Star Trek red shirt. He taps the Star Trek badge on his shirt and brings up a screen; it's a Star Trek Admiral, played by Avonelle Lovhaug (Lewis Lovhaug's mother))

Linkara: Ah, Admiral. How can I be of assistance?

Admiral: Well, first of all, aren't we dressing a little informally?

Linkara: Huh? Oh, right, uh... (puts on his signature hat) Better?

Admiral: Very good. I've just been informed that you haven't gotten around to review "Star Trek/X-Men". I'd like an explanation, Captain Linkara.

Linkara: (feeling uncomfortable) Uh, oh, uh... Oh, oh, (looks at Star Trek badge) look at that, I got call waiting. Listen, I'll get back to you on that, Admiral. (starts to leave)

Admiral: Captain Linkara! (Linkara stops, embarrassed) Even if I believed you that someone else was on the line, you're not gonna get out of this that easily.

Linkara: Um, uh... Oh, I'm sorry, Admiral, your signal's breaking up. (shows off badge) Uh, this thing's only got one bar. Oh, look at that, I'm about to go into roaming. Uh, listen, you'll have to give those orders again another time–

Admiral: Captain, let me say it outright: review the comic, or lose your command! Have I made myself clear?

Linkara: (grudgingly) Crystal.

Admiral: Good. Starfleet out.

(Admiral holds up tablet and pushes a button on it; the screen disappears; Linkara sighs and hangs his head)

Linkara: (turning to face the camera) So, yeah, let's dig into (holds up comic of review) "Star Trek/X-Men #1".

(AT4W title sequence plays; there is no title card for this episode, as per text on the screen, which says that Al is "away for purposes of love". Still, there is music for the purpose of this episode, set to "To Boldly Go", the classic Star Trek theme)

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