(The Disneycember logo is shown, before showing... Doug and Rob sitting on two chairs. Rob is wearing an updated Stormtrooper helmet. His hat is on the top)

Doug: Dah! This isn't a traditional Disneycember video. Uh, the reason we are doing this - we're gonna do this as a Sibling Rivalry because, uh, we have a lot of reviews of this movie coming out... (chuckles) Um, we-we got, uh, you know, this Disneycember/Sibling Rivalry, I'm gonna do a Bum Review at some point, and there's...another one coming, which I think is pretty obvious what it is, but I will not go into it, just in case you can't guess. Uh, so we're just gonna release these two together, we're also gonna do a Spoiler Corner, which...we're probably gonna talk more in that one, uh, but... You want to know what we think of the movie, and, uh--

Rob: (uses a Jedi mind trick on the viewers) This is not the video you're looking for.

Doug: This is not the video you're looking for.

Rob: (another mind trick) You can go about your business.

Doug: You can go about your business. Go--

Rob: (uses a mind trick on Doug) Give me a donut.

Doug: Now, I'll give you a donut. (stands up)

Rob: Thank you.

Doug: Isn't...didn't ya, like, have a "Donut" patch or something?

Rob: Uh... Y'know what, um...

Doug: Well, the joke's ruined now. They really wanted to see the "Donut" joke, I'm sure, they don't wanna know our opinions at all. Um, but, uh...yeah, look at you. You're quite the little trooper, aren't ya?

Rob: Hee-hee-hee. I'm actually a black guy under here. (Doug laughs) Bet you didn't know that.

Doug: I, uh, I... I think they saw the trailers, I... I like the hat, though. It's very, uh, "shine your boots, Emperor"-ish.

Rob: (laughs) Shi... (In cockney accent) Shine your boots, Emperor!

Doug: Half the people are British, anyway, (Rob's hat falls off and Doug puts it back on) so that works.

Rob: Except for the Stormtroopers! That's what I don't get. The entire empire's fucking British, (Doug overlaps) except for the Stormtroopers.

Doug: Everybody in the universe is British! Uh, so, which, I don't mind the, the... British actors are always the best thing in Star Wars, so, uh...

Rob: Yeah, they just, they, they, like, gave up this time and like, "You know what, we're gonna have the main character be British."

Doug: Yeah, just make most of them British.

Rob: We'll make it foolproof!

Doug: So, um, yeah. So, this is gonna be our "spoiler-free" is spoiler-free...we're gonna have a Spoiler Corner, uh, version, so don't worry about that.

Rob: That's gonna be loooooonnnggg video.

Doug: Yes, this is probably gonna be a short video.

Rob: Pretty long.

Doug: Um, honestly, for me, I can sum up this movie in two words: It's good. (Rob turns and gives a threatening look to Doug) It-it's good. Uh, I...I should also set up, too, I wasn't, like, super-hyped to see this, but I was like, "Okay, this looks like the old traditional Star Wars, you know. Let's go." I'm glad to see this and stuff. There's real things there, there's real monsters and aliens and stuff like that, which is great to see. And, uh, it's wonderful to see that, and it's good characters, and some fun action, and stuff like that. The story...does move forward. Um, I'll go a little bit more into that probably in the Spoiler Corner, but, you know, it's good.

(A long pause as Rob continues to look at Doug)

Rob: Well, enjoy your trip to Hell! (Doug laughs. Rob imitates Jar Jar Binks) Yousa gonna get it!

Doug: And what did you think? With your Stormtrooper hat on?

Rob: It was the most amazing thing I've seen! It was...pretty good.

(Doug laughs)

Doug: Are those your real thoughts? It was pretty good?

Rob: Yeah, actually, it was pretty good. I'm not gonna go out on a limb and say this movie's...perfect, um...but, then again, considering the really low bar the prequels set, this may as well be Citizen fucking Kane. This is like The Godfather compared to a Rob Schneider film, so it's hard to kind of judge. Um, but...yeah, there were moments that were legitimately, really great, and then, a lot of it that was just really good.

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