Tamara Chambers

Tamara is adorabs

Real Name
Tamara Lynn Chambers
February 7, 1991

Tamara Chambers is a cast member for The Nostalgia Critic starring in the Catwoman review as Anne Hathaway, and becoming an official cast member replacing Rachel Tietz starting from The Wicker Man review.

Tamara is originally from California but now lives in Chicago and despite the snow demons, she loves it. She graduated from The Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts, an acting conservatory, and has been heavily involved in the theater scene in Chicago since moving there in 2011. Tamara spends her time slinging jokes on any stand up comedy stage that will let her up and playing RPGs on her couch with her two cats.

Like other cast members, such as Malcolm and Rachel, she appears in Nostalgia Critic episodes playing many different one time characters. She has also appeared in multiple episodes playing "Hyper Fangirl".

She currently has her own series called Tamara's Never Seen.

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