Real Name

Tatch Kilgore is the technology contributor for Series 3 of the Nerd To The Third Power podcast, and is also a regular cast member of Graham Lovhaug's podcast, a show that mainly focuses on technology news and general tips for being a geek on the cheap. He has also begun work on a weekly video show called 'Indie Line', where each week he dives into what's current in the world of independent film, gaming and music.

Nerd to the Third Power

When Tatch learned of Nerd^3rd's casting call for the show's next series, he quickly recorded and submitted an audition. (Original Audition: here. Three weeks later, he was selected as technology contributor, with Roo and Skyblaze filling the roles as tabletop gaming and convention correspondents, respectively.


By day, Tatch serves as a freelance graphic designer and also works as an IT Tech and Network Administrator. He currently spends most of his free evenings writing, voice acting, gaming or working on videos for his upcoming show.


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