Fill in the blanks, it's Tetrix 2

Tetrix 2 is basically a flash version of the popular puzzle game Tetris by Alexey Pajitnov.

How to Play

The game plays just like Tetris. There are a variety of different blocks which will appear on the screen. You goal is to stack them in such a way so that you make a line. Once you have completed a line the blocks will disappear and you will receive points for doing so. You may also change the position of the blocks so that you can make them fit where you want them to. Also on the right side you will see a little screen containing the next block. Use this to prepare for your next placement. There are several levels of gameplay but you always begin at one.

There is no time limit on the game so you don't have to move quickly to beat the clock. However you must be careful while stacking blocks. If your stack reaches the top of the screen it is game over and you may submit your score.

Controls and Buttons

To move your blocks use the Right and Left arrow keys.

To drop a block downward quickly, press the Down arrow key.

To rotate the position of your block 90 degrees, press the Up arrow key.

You can pause the game by clicking the button labeled "Pause"

To toggle the Music simply click the off button on the screen.


Try not to move too fast because you might make a mistake. Be careful when hitting down as it moves rather fast and you might not have time to place the block where you want it to be.

Try to make combos with your lines by eliminating more than one at a time, that way you can score more points.

Only a "straight block" can eliminate 4 rows at a time. Because of this, they usually appear very rarely. Be wary of this when setting up your blocks.


Blocks will stack immediately upon coming in contact with another block. Unlike Tetris, you can't press left, right, or rotate a block to keep a block "in play" while it's touching the stack of blocks.

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