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Thanks For the Feedback!


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Thanks for the Feedback! is a show by Team NChick where founder Lindsay Ellis answers viewer mail with hilarious results. She responds to comments on the site's message board and answers them in the best way possible.


  • Episode 01: Date with Doug (4/3/09): Bowing to fan feedback that The Critic and the Chick would make a lovely couple, they try a date together. Feel the awkwardness!
  • Episode 02 My BFF Nella (6/18/10): Why does Nella put up with the Chick's abuse? Friendship? Co-dependency? A financial arrangement to shore up the Chick's self-esteem?
  • Episode 03: We, Fit (1/7/11) It's new years resolution time, making Lindsay feel all self-conscious about losing weight... again. The Wii Fit had a way of making the girls feel even more so.


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