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That SciFi Guy

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That SciFi Guy is That SciFi Guy's show about analyzing various science fiction themed movies from any age. Helping him of course is Dr. Wiki, a cyberspace born entity that seems to be a wellspring of knowledge.


  • The Core (May 16th, 2011)
  • Superman Returns (May 30th, 2011)
  • Robot Jox (June 13th, 2011)
  • Demolition Man (July 25th, 2011)
  • 5/5 - Killer Robots (August 15th, 2011)
  • Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within (September 19th, 2011)
  • Jason X (October 24th, 2011)
  • Johnny Mnemonic (November 21st, 2011)
  • Star Wars Holiday Special (December 13th, 2011)
  • 5/5 - Vehicles (January 23rd, 2012)
  • GI Joe (February 20th, 2012)
  • Wild Wild West (March 12th, 2012)
  • Stardust (March 31st, 2012)
  • Splice (July 2nd, 2012)
  • 5/5 - Jeff Goldblum (September 17th, 2012)
  • Zombie Apocalypse (October 22nd, 2012)
  • Man with the Screaming Brain (March 18th, 2013)
  • Hardwire (September 9th, 2013)
  • Rollerball (April 7th, 2014)
  • 5/5 - Star Trek Characters (June 2nd, 2014)
  • The Sixth Day (September 16th, 2014)


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