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The Blockbuster Buster

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Real Name
Eric Rodrigez

The Blockbuster Buster, aka ERod, is a film reviewer and internet critic. He mostly focuses on big budget movies, remakes and sequels. He started making reviews in 2010, posting primarily on his YouTube channel, which he still keeps up from time to time. He became a fan of and made attempts to become a part of the site. This finally came true for him on August 22nd, 2011, and he has been a contributor for Channel Awesome ever since.

To Boldly Flee

In a cameo, ERod helped make the Plot Hole expand by pointing out how Spider-Man 3's story was flawed.


In the beginnings of his videos, he always puts on the same items:

  • A chain on his belt loops
  • A black buttoned wrist accessory
  • Black shoes with black laces
  • A silver skull ring
  • Black sunglasses
  • A black t-shirt with The Punisher white skull logo, an unbuttoned white down shirt, and a black sports coat


  • Coming Soon to TGWTG Trailer (August 22nd, 2011)
  • BB & Linkara Crossover Bloopers & Behind-the-Scenes Pics (September 11th, 2013)


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