(We start off this review of Anime Abandon with Bennett the Sage entering what looks to be a hotel room with a suitcase. After looking around for a while, we see the Nostalgia Critic come out from another part of the room.)

NC: The hell am I? This place looks like that(notices Sage)-

(Sage turns around to look at NC.)

Sage:Oh, hey Critic.

(The camera zooms in on NC, who looks in terror, screams, and then runs out of the room, still screaming. We then cut to NC, running around a convention, trying to get away from Sage, and eventually, and accidentally, runs back into the room he was just in, still screaming when he does this, He enters the room, trying to calm down, not realizing what he did.)

Sage: Uhh...Critic?

NC: (notices Sage):How did you find me? Did you sacrifice a lamb? A goat? An unbaptized baby?

Sage:Critic, this is the same room you were just in.

NC:Oh. Stay away from me, hell spawn!

Sage:Christ, I should've known something like this would happen. (beat) Okay, I'm not the same Sage you're thinking of.

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