The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Dingo Pictures)

Hunchback phelous dingo

May 18, 2016
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Phelous: I'm done!

Phelous: Anyway, I'll just calmly cut off my scream.

Phelous (vo): His experiments of what? Being an evil church dude?

Frollo: I'll call him Quasimodo.

Narrator: A few years later, Claude Frollo became abbé of Notre Dame.

Phelous: Frollo's baby adoption experiments have taken him all the way to the bottom!

Narrator: The citizens of Paris couldn't stand Quasimodo.

Quasimodo: You are my favorite, Marie.

Narrator: Quasimodo was about twenty.

Phelous: It really is smart.

Esmeralda: Djali, how late is it?

Phelous: There's a hotnesss limitation in the Bible?

Frollo: Quasimodo! You is the pope of fools!

Phelous: You is the pope of fools.

Pierre: I think Esmeralda likes me.

Pierre: I'll do anything to save my skin.

Esmeralda: You want to hang him?

Esmeralda: What do you think?

Pierre: Of course you didn't understand anything.

Esmeralda: I've done nothing!

Frollo: So die!

Quasimodo: Don't say anything. I can't understand you anyway.

Frollo: He even threatened me! His lord and master! Yes!

Esmerald: Look! Look at this too!

Phelous: What a coincidence.

Esmeralda: What about you?

Frollo: She's escaped!

Quasimodo: You killed her?!

Phelous: What kind of diet was Frollo on?

Phelous: Truly a... happy... ending?

Pierre: We will avange you, my friend.

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