The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Golden Films)

Hunchback golden phelous

May 4, 2016
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Nathan: Then let him die.

Phelous: That didn't just happen.

Jean-Claude: The hunt is over, fellas!

Jean-Claude: Doing anything against the law is illegal!

Phelous: Doing anything against the law is illegal. Go figure.

Quasimodo: Leave her alone!

Quasimodo: I said you must leave her alone!

Jean-Claude: I told you not to speak of the monster!

Melody: Jean-Claude's taken Mother!

Jean-Claude: Why won't the bells ring? Somebody wake up that hunchback immediately!

Melody: Are you all right?

Quasimodo: Perhaps now my looks don't matter anymore.

Quasimodo: Melody is no longer your prisoner and neither am I!

Quasimodo: You no longer frighten me, Jean-Claude!

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