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Linkara:  Hello and welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn.  Well, Christmas is over and this video is coming out on New Year's Eve.  Naturally, it's once again time to sit and reflect on what has happened before and...

(Linkara is cut off by static, and the transmission is interupted by Douchey McNitpick)

Douchey:  Hoooold it right there.

Linkara:  Ah, Mr. McNitpick, haven't seen you in a while.

Douchey:  Well, I was kinda scared off when you threatened me with your spaceship and all.

Linkara:  Yeah, I don't do that anymore.  Cosmic karma, magic, it's a whole thing now.

Douchey:  Ahh, good.  But that's not the only reason I haven't been around.  I decided to leave after the Nostalgia Critic retired and I was sure to post it multiple times to make sure everyone knew about it too.

Linkara:  M'kay, fine, that's your right, but then why are you here now?

Douchey:  Well, who else is going to tell you morons that the site sucks since the Nostalgia Critic left?

Linkara:  There are a bajillion other shows you could be watching on the site.  Most of them are really good and even the ones that aren't are still watchable.  I'm looking at you Welshy.

(Enter Welshy via transmission)

Welshy:  Thanks, though I can't really think of any of the shows you're talking about.  None of them on the site are good and that's why the site is DYING if you believe the critics...and the people who work for the site...and the fans.  Anyway, when is the next History of Power Rangers coming o...

(Welshy is cut off by static, ending his transmission)

Douchey:  I wouldn't watch any of those worthless shows.  Everybody but the Nostalgia Critic sucks!!!!

Linkara:  Then why did you spend all your time complaining about him?

Douchey:  (Pauses to think of a witty comeback, only to fall flat) Doooohhh, I hate your voice.

(Douchey cuts the transmission)

Linkara:  Soooo...anyway this is the Next 15 Screw-ups of Atop the Fourth Wall

(Intro to episode begins with "Everything You Know is Wrong" by Weird Al Yankovic, while showing footage from Ren and Stimpy, followed by the AT4W Intro, followed by the title card).

(The next scene is a playback of the Top 15 Screw-ups of Atop the Fourth Wall while Linkara voices over the clip)

Linkara (voiceover):  So the last time we did a screw-ups list, it was pointed out that I spent a good deal of time in that video defending myself instead of actually pointing out any genuine mistakes.  Eh...fair enough.  The stuff that I tend to remember when it comes to my mistakes is the stuff that I get multiple repeated comments on, and when it's over something that I don't feel is a mistake, the easiest way for me to address everybody who had a problem with it was to put it on the list.  As such, I'll try to keep that to a minimum and instead focus on things that I genually screwed up because of my bottomless stupidity.

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