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"Songs That Don't Need Lyrics But I Added Them Anyway HA!" or "Theme Lyrics" for short is a series created by Doug in which he sings lyrics set to theme songs that previously lacked them. The lyrics videos have appeared on a roughly weekly basis since the first video was posted in late February 2009.


The basis of the series is provided entirely by the title sequence of the videos, in which a disclaimer appears: "Songs That Don't Need LYRICS But I added Them Anyway HA!" Following this, the opening sequence of a show plays while Doug provides lyrics to the opening theme, singing them himself. The subject of the lyrics may vary, usually providing background information on the show's plot or commenting on the show's impact on pop culture. However the lyrics may also directly refer to the opening sequence, and in fact the video for "Batman: The Animated Series" is a narration of the visual elements of the opening sequence. More obvious than the lyrical content, however, is that they are consistently set to the original theme song, often to a ridiculous extent.



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