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This Week In Geek is a show created by Mike Dodd from Game Heroes and Steve Saylor, and is about celebrating the Geek culture and informing those who aren't as hip to the pop culture as we might be. In Dodd's words, "TWIG is all about bringing out a love of a culture and an identity that has helped so many find their passions in their life,work and much more."


The show was started while at Niagara College in Ontario, Canada in 2007. There, Dodd was asked by podcaster Steve Snowball Saylor from G4 Tech TV's "Call For Help" to do a radio show on CRNC 90.1 FM, the New Heat and he was looking for a co host he had called This Week In Geek. He accepted and co created it with Saylor The show has continued to evolve into new shows such as TWIG's Fan Service which focus is animé and "Jump the Shark", which is a look back at Television of the past week and discussions of the shows and interviews as well. The team has grown from the first two hosts of Mike "The Birdman" Dodd and Steve "Snowball to other members such as David "Double D" Denis, Pierce "The Punk" Derks, Stefan "The Skunk" Pelletier and our many interns like AJ "The Saint" Bernard.

TWIG has also been working with world famous Troma Entertainment of the Toxic Avenger fame to produce TromaCast-Welcome to Tromaville

TWIG has also contributed to ScrewAttack's Hard News as ENG feature contributors covering the Canadian Gaming scene.

Lastly TWIG's Mike "The Birdman" Dodd goes by the moniker "Captain Awesome" on on the podcast 'The Prototype" which is a show dedicated the Gaming culture and the games assiociated with it.


  • The Halloween Retrospective (October 30th, 2011)

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