The layout from April 2008 to January 2010


The 2010 layout!


The current layout as of 2013

Here is the timeline of major events in the history of Channel Awesome.

2007-2008 · 2009 · 2010 · 2011 · 2012

  • February 5th: The Nostalgia Critic starts again with The Odd Life of Timothy Green
  • February 6th: Game Boys, Team Snob's first animated series, premiers.
  • February 1st: Doug start the Dreamworks version of Disneycember: Dreamworks-uary
  • February 12th: The New Nostalgia Critic Editorial premieres.
  • February 15th: Team Nchick's 50 Shades of Green premieres.
  • March 22nd: Welshy's Scene It premieres.

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