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The layout from April 2008 to January 2010
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The 2010 layout!
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The current layout as of 2013
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Here is the timeline of major events in the history of Channel Awesome.

2007-2008 · 2009 · 2010 · 2011 · 2012

  • February 5th: The Nostalgia Critic starts again with The Odd Life of Timothy Green
  • February 6th: Game Boys, Team Snob's first animated series, premiers.
  • February 1st: Doug start the Dreamworks version of Disneycember: Dreamworks-uary
  • February 12th: The New Nostalgia Critic Editorial premieres.
  • February 15th: Team Nchick's 50 Shades of Green premieres.
  • March 22nd: Welshy's Scene It premieres.

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