Title Card Artists are people who have drawn title cards for various Channel Awesome contributors. Each artist brings his or her own unique style to the title cards they produce and have been a great part of the video experience for a long time. Some artists have even contributed to the Kickassia and Suburban Knights movies. Here is a list of the company's artists.

Number Artist Contributor
1 Marobot ThatGuyWithTheGlasses
2 StrayAkuma JewWario
3 Patrick "Pat" Rodriguez Brad Jones
4 Cross JewWario
5 MasterTheCreator Linkara
6 Richard Wesker Former artist for Phelous
7 Krin PushingUpRoses
8 Ven Gethenian Oancitizen
9 Sou-Zou Inc HopeWithinChaos
10 Marion Bricaud Benzaie
11 Andrew Dickman Phelous

Lindsay Ellis (formerly)
The Spoony One (formerly)

12 Phil Buni Iron Liz
13 Kitsune2022 Obscurus Lupa
14 Morgan Meryl MikeJ
13 Eujoyuen The Blockbuster Buster

Y Ruler of Time

14 Phillip Murphy Lindsay Ellis
15 8bitcookies Nostalgia Critic

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