It's a numbers game when playing Tower Blaster.

Tower Blaster is a turn-based strategy/puzzle game in which you race to build your tower before the vikings build theirs. Outwit the vikings, and stack the bricks by number to win!

How to Play

From the title screen, click "Start" to begin the game. You may also click "Help" for an explanation on how to play. Once you click Start, you will see a short intro movie. You can skip the intro movie by clicking "Skip" in the upper left corner.

Once gameplay starts, you will see a window appear telling you what numbers will be used in that round. (i.e. "1 through 50", or "1 through 35") the game will also show you the tower on your side, and the tower on the viking's side. When you are ready to begin, you may click "Start Level". When the game starts, the viking's tower will be hidden from view.

A second window will pop up showing you two blocks; one with a number and one with a question mark. You may choose the number exposed and place it on your tower, or you may click the question mark. If you do, that block's number will be revealed. You can choose to use that block, or discard it and give up your turn. (You cannot go back to your first block option.)

Whether the block is discarded, or if you switch the block with one from your tower, that block will go to the viking's side. You still cannot see the viking tower, but you will be able to see where they placed their brink on the stack. They will swap or discard a block, send a block back, and the process begins anew.

The first to build their tower in a numerical order from smaller numbers at top, to larger numbers at the bottom wins. If you win, you move on to the next round. If you lose, the game is over and your score is submitted automatically.


Mouse click on the blocks you wish to choose and swap. The game controls like a menu, so there's nothing to do beyond selecting items on the screen.


The lowest number you have on the stack (the top of your tower) will be multiplied by 40 at the end of each round. The higher the number, the better the bonus, but if you have too high of a number at the top of the stack, you won't have as many options to build your tower with.

You will receive a bonus during play everytime you place a block in perfect numerical order (in other words, if you stack a 31 on top of a 32) The more numbers you have in sequence, the higher the bonus will be.

ChaosD1 04:27, 9 June 2009 (UTC)

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