Whats up every one today i want to tell you about a cool easy way to earn free gameing gear. Now before i go into details i want to let you all no that i graduated high school and not with flying colors, my grades were messed up beyond forgiveness so forgive me for any grammer errors,prunouciations, i should have payed more attention in school.Alright with all this siad i can freely type without anyone criising me, so first i want you to sign up to this site

down below

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Alright nice that was step one. Before we go into this any farther than needed i want to explain the website a little now you earn points by doing things on the site via it be a survie or watching a video so in a way its not free there giveing you the money to buy what you want and you wont be earing hundresds of thousands of dollars a month i just started but am already bringing in a nice chunk of change. Now let me explain there points system every thing you do,every qeust you complete gets you points to spend wich can be converted cash and mailed to you put on a credit card or you can spend the points on amazon and since your buying with points you get a nice big discount on your item.Say you wanted diablo 3 or minecraft you could purchess it off the sight for a better price or if you didnt have the money just do a copple of things on the sight then buy diablo or minecraft its that easy.There is also a large comunity of gammers on this site who loves to talk about games so check them out in the chat box.

Now that ive coverd the foundation on wich this sight rules on its time for step 2

Do offers in the earn points tab on the top of the page
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After you saved up enough points for what you wanted go to the spend points tab and purchess what you wanted

Firefox 2012-05-23 00-46-55-54

Alright thats it, thanks for reading this and good luck to all of you gamers out there earn well.

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