• Mrfardmuhammad

    Hey there. Fard here.

    I was perusing this here wiki, and I gotta say that it's exceedingly comprehensive. Kudos to the contributors far and wide for keeping this wiki as up to date as possible. I did notice, though, that there was still nothing about me in here aside from a couple mentions here and there. That's when I realized that there's isn't a lot to know about me out there in the interwebs, so I decided to pitch in, create a page, and link to all the shows I've worked on for Channel Awesome.

    It's my hope that I will begin a video review series of my own very soon (though I'm seeing anniversarial posts on my Facebook where I say the exact same thing 1-3 years ago), and if I get picked up by Channel Awesome as a video contributor, I hopeā€¦

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