aka Alice

  • I live in Forest of Magic
  • I was born on December 29
  • My occupation is Doll maker
  • I am Female
  • Rosytherascal

    I went on Wiki to check out Raggedy Ann, then ended up looking up smallpox (the daughter of the doll's creator died because of that illness) and I was scared forever by a fucking picture on that page. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! Raggedy Ann scares me!

    P.S. Can you send me a montage of these Nostalgia Critic moments?

    1. NC says "It hurts when I breathe!" during number 1 in his Top 11 Nostalgic Mindfucks list

    2. All the times NC screams during the same list

    3. NC says "Why, if it isn't Mr. Puppy! Hello Mr Pupp- OH MY GOD A GORILLA! AAAAAAAAAAHH!"

    4. "Raggedy Ann scares me!"

    5. In number 5 on the Top 11 Nostalgic Mindfucks review, the "Big-Lipped Alligator Moment" sound

    6. "The best damn hallinucination EVER!"

    7. The Great War of the Austrailian Sterotypes…

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  • Rosytherascal

    Hi, I'm Alice (aka Rosy), and I have a question. Here we go, my first question.

    I was watching the Top 11 Mindfucks video on YouTube this morning, and I noticed a few more lines added in. The most noticable one was when right after NC says "Raggedy Ann scares me!" in the Number Love section, he then says "Those two dolls DIED!!!" What does this mean? Did those 2 "naked" dolls die?

    My friend Suzsuki grew up in Japan, and from the mid to late '90s, there were shorts aired in between programs on a Japanese kids' station. These shorts were about Reimu Hakurei. Suzsuki told me about them, and she told me some of these shorts have scenes that can be classified as "mindfucks". Like for instance, in one short from 1998, Alice (that's my name too!!!!…

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