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NC: (spins around in chair holding a glass of yellow wine in her left hand) This month... we are going to take a look at one of the true pioneers of our time. An icon who has defined a generation. (says these lines while occasionally swirling the wine around) I am of course talking about, from west Philadelphia, born and raised... Willard Christopher Smith II.

(Cuts to a clip from Will Smith's M.I.B. music video of... Men in Black.)

Smith: (singing) The title held by me, M.I.B. means what you think you saw you did not see...

NC: (places hands together, nodding) Yes, this month is Will Smith Month. The month of May, (motions in air with hands) named for the goddess Maia, the goddess of bountiful harvests, of fertility... (pauses, motions to the side as if to disregard the meaning) which has something to do with Will Smith, I'm sure. So we are dedicating the month of May...

(name unknown, please edit): (from off-screen) MAY'S HALF-OVER!

NC: (brief pause, then continues) ...So we are dedicating the rest of May to Willard Christopher Smith II. And what better way to start than with Barrington Sonnenfeld III's... Men In Black. (beat) ...and also Men In Black II. (says with distaste)

NC (v.o): (The title card for M.I.B. is displayed as Will Smith's rap song 'Men In Black' plays in the background.) Ah, Summer of '97. While Men In Black did initially blindside people, albeit briefly, nobody at the time could have possibly predicted the cultural force it became, especially with this as the tie-in.

NC: (hand on chin, smirking) Let's take a moment to remember that song, shall we?

Smith: (rapping) Yeah the good guys dress in black remember that Just in case we ever face to face and make contact...


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