It's Xevious. Fly Solvalou! For great justice!

Xevious is a flash port of the old arcade shooter by Namco. It's a top down "shoot-em-up" similar in playstyle to Raiden X. Pilot your Solvalou spacecraft through enemy territory. Attack them in the air, and on the ground. Shoot and bomb your way to victory!

How to Play

On the title screen click on "Insert Coin" and afterward click on "Push Start Button One Player Only" to begin the game. Be wary, because as soon as the game starts you will be under heavy fire. Shoot, bomb and dodge your way through the enemy forces. You have three Solvalou, and once you die three times, the game is over and your score is submitted automatically.


Press the Up, Down, Left and Right arrow keys to move.

Press "Z" to fire your guns.

Press "X" to drop your bombs.

Unlike other top-down shooters, your bombs are NOT screen-clearing explosions, merely a means to attack ground targets. They are unlimited, and will drop wherever the crosshair above your ship is pointing.


Your ship has a wide field to maneuver, but cannot pass the halfway point of the screen. Be wary of this when dodging incoming shots.

Each enemy has a distinct way of attacking. The "rings" will fire straight forward and fly away once they come in line with your ship. The "fighters" will swoop in, stop, take one aimed shot at you, and fly away. Understand the ships attack patterns to predict where their shots will be.

Understand which ground targets will fire upon you as well. "Pyramids" (Square ground targets) don't do anything, but "Silos" (round ground targets) will usually take three or four shots at you. (Many ground targets will stop firing once they near the bottom of the screen.) Be wary of the moving tanks as well.

Even though not all ground targets are hostile, destroying ground targets is worth much more points than destroying air targets. It's worth bombing if you have a clear shot.


Those used to the original Xevious might find this version to be extremely difficult. All enemies are coming at you, guns blazing, from the very start. They also seem to move much faster and in greater number. Think of this as Xevious on Hard mode. The game itself is not overly buggy like the other botched Namco port, Galagon 2004, but it's about the same level of turbo-paced frustration. For those who haven't played Xevious, but are veterans to the TGWTG arcade, this game is like playing the last few levels of Raiden X with no power-ups.

ChaosD1 06:46, 10 June 2009 (UTC)

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