Stick it out to go the distance in Zelda: Can of Whoop Ass.


Best "game over" screen ever.

Zelda: Can of Whoopass is a wacky hack and slash game featuring Link of Legend of Zelda fame. Can you survive long enough against the waves of soldiers?

How to Play

From the title screen, just click where it says to "Click Here To Continue" to begin playing.

The actual gameplay itself is simple. It's basically a survival game where you are given two minutes to kill as many guards as you can. Guards will keep coming during this time relentlessly. They appear randomly in the background or foreground and will charge toward you. You can choose attack them by moving toward them in the background or foreground, or waiting for them to come to you. There are also Cuccos (chickens) that will appear randomly that can be killed for bonus points.

You have 10 hearts (hit points) to survive all 2 minutes. If you last two minutes, you will see a congratulatory screen and then must submit your score. If you lose all your hit points, the game is over, Zelda pops up and says "OMFG" and you're taken to what's arguably the best "game over" screen in the history of videogames. (Complete with "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" as the background music.) You must also submit your score if you lose.


A = Attack S = Jump Left and Right arrow keys = Move right to left. Up arrow = Move toward the background. Down arrow = Move toward the foreground.


Toward + Attack (while jumping)= Mid-Air Stab

Toward + Toward + Attack (while on the ground)= Smash attack


Either keep moving to avoid the guards or find a safe spot and just keep hacking away.

If you want a high score, you'll have to be on the aggressive. Work quickly to rack up the points.

You'll get points from every successful hit you land. Even if you're low on time, keep attacking and try to squeak out those last few points.

Stick to the middle of the background/foreground in order to lessen the amount of travel time to each of your enemies.

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